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Apr 8, 2009 02:08 PM

Beaufort, Savannah / Charleston help


I will be spending a week in the three places and haven't really seen anything on Beaufort. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm also looking for help in Savannah. I'd like to have one truly romantic (but not stuffy) meal in each city. Multiple people have guided us to the Peninsula Grill in Charleston. I'm wondering if there's a place in Savannah that if we eat at, will bring back fond memories for many years.

Any other just great restaurant suggestions in either city are welcome too ;-)

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. I would suggest Elizabeth on 37th in Savannah, it is wonderful. Also, I would agree that you can't go wrong with the Peninsula Grill. Sorry, I can't recomend anything in Beaufort, I really haven't spent enough time there.

    Elizabeth On Thirty Seventh
    105 E. 37th St., Savannah, GA 31401

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      Second for Elizabeth on 37th. One of the best restaurants anywhere. If you can stand two romantic dinners in Savannah, make the second one happen at Noble Fare. Hope you have a great time visiting us here in Savannah.

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        I personally think Elizabeths is not as good as it used to be....I think the most romantic place in Savannah is Olde Pink House.

    2. I would not recommend Peninsula Grill for a romantic meal. Leaving aside that I'm not the biggest fan of their food (except their desserts), the place is too loud to be very romantic in my opinion. I would suggest instead Circa 1886, McCrady's, or an upstairs booth at Cypress Grill. A little less on the high dollar side, Muse can also be quite atmospheric, and the food there is great as well. At any of these places, if you have a particular request for a seating situation (booth, small room, etc.), it wouldn't hurt to ask when you make a reservation. One of the most memorable and romantic meals I've had in Charleston was at one of the elevated window tables at The Library many years ago. This restaurant has gone through many changes and chefs in the intervening years, but I've recently heard good things about the current chef and menu. It's on my list of places to revisit.

      1. I would suggest Local 1110 or Noble Fare in Savannah or Garibaldis.

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        1. Check this thread for information about Beaufort. Haven't been in a few years but really liked Emily's.

          1. hey. i'm from beaufort and would offer these options:
            wren (carteret street) then drinks (not dinner)at saltus house (bay street) followed by a rest on the swings overlooking the ICW in the park behind saltus
            also bateaux (nearby port royal)