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Apr 8, 2009 01:58 PM

Open The Sesame Springfield NJ

Passed by this today. Has anyone been here that can provide insight.
Would have stopped but not enough time today.

Open The Sesame
201 Morris Ave
Springfield NJ

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  1. Open The Sesame is an asian fusion restaurant located in Springfield NJ.

    The neon sign in the window has a bowl of noodles with the word Sushi.

    The restaurant is comfortable with a hip vibe. Dance music playing in the background.

    The menu is extremely creative and extensive, they present a small binder full of selections. Prices range from 10-14 per entree.
    Unfortunately the menu is not available online.
    Chef Lucy also has many specials documented on the chalkboard.

    The restaurant did have some buzz at lunch.

    Unfortunately during my visit, the staff seemed to look right through me, no soul, no connection, just going through the motions..

    The salmon sushi roll was less than ok.
    It was served without wasabi on the plate?

    The lunch special did come with choice of soup or salad.
    Selected the vegetable spinach wonton, bland.
    Ordered the Open The Sesame Stir Fry aka Sesame Chicken this came with steamed broccoli and jasmine rice - the jasmine rice was a variety I had never had before and was very good - tried to ask the server more questions but he answered yes it is rice.

    Maybe a bad day.
    Confusion not Fusion.
    Left hungry.

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    1. re: shabbystorm

      This is my 4th time ordering take-out from this place. The food is fantastic. I've tried the noodles and the sushi and they were both very good. Today, I decided to give one of the stir fry dishes a try, but was pretty bummed that they did not have any white rice. However I only asked for it because I was not familiar with the Red Jasmine Rice they serve with the dishes. The man on the phone was very sweet and polite and explained what type of rice they serve and that it is actually healthier. And of course, the Garlic Chicken Stir Fry with the Red Jasmine Rice was excellent.
      I do have to agree with you shabbystorm on the wait staff. He was definitely not connected, almost like a slightly defunct robot. Plus one time, when I picked up my sushi lunch, I got back to my office only to discover that he forgot to put in the soy sauce. That kind of ruined it for me and the sushi was really good too!
      On the other hand, the sushi chefs and I guess the owner who works up front are very pleasant
      So my take is great food, depressing server.

      1. re: mhels

        Thanks for the insight on the rice, it was very good!
        All restaurants can have an off day and nobody is perfect.

      2. I have been to Open the Sesame several times and if I keep going back, they must be doing something right. All of the elements a top quality retaurant needs lays here: top service, excellent food, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly faces.
        The service at Open the Sesame is attentive, yet comfortable. Of course, they are always there if you require something, however, they also give you your privacy so you can eat and socialize with your lunch/dinner partner. If you have been to Open the Sesame before, I am sure I do not need to say much about the food cooked by Chef Lucy, due to the fact that all you need to do is take a little taste to fall in love with it. My favorites that I have ordered there and I would highly recommend are: Spicy Salmon Rolls, Chirashi, Crab Ragoon, General Tso Chicken, and Shrimp Tempura. The sushi there is especially fresh and everything is cooked to perfection. I have no complaints.
        The atmosphere here is enjoyable for any mood. The aura is very relaxed with the original artwork and colors chosen to paint the room, the music playing in the background is calming, but will not put you to sleep, which is just how I like it. The final thing that I definitely noticed is the many friendly faces that you are greeted with and exited with. The owners are definitely well equipped and are prepared to explain anything to you. Moreover, I am just glad that Springfield has a place like this around.

        1. Proprietor Petom has done it again. This time he has created a true asian fusion restaurant combining Thai, Chinese & Japenise (sushi). The shushi fantaic as are the mainland dishes. My new favorite is the Jumbo Peppercorns Shrimp served with garlic cilantro sauce (crazy good). If you enjoy sushi, its one of the best in Northern NJ. The help is always there for you (if its very busy, they still stop for your needs).

          If you live in the Springfield area or even several towns away, its a must stop. The restauraqnt is a BYOB coupled with the perfect price points just adds to the total dinning experience.