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Apr 8, 2009 01:35 PM

Near macys Lunch (Downtown Mpls)

Going to Macy's with Grandma... any good suggestions on a great lunch place in the skyways?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Grandma would love the Oak Grill on the 12th floor of Macy's.

      Oak Grill
      700 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN

      1. Second the Oak Grill. Or maybe Basil's in IDS? Try to score the table overlooking the Crystal Court?

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          1. re: drew13000

            Third the Oak Grill. You should get the traditional popover. Grandma will also love the meatloaf. THis is real traditional Minneapolis going back when the store was Daytons, even back to when the restaurant was "Men Only" or accompanied by.

          2. Zelo is very good, it's on Nicollet Mall and 9th, I think. Also, surprisingly, Manny's at the W Hotel is quite reasonable for lunch, when compared to dinner. It's in the old Foshay Tower at ninth and Marquette. Manny's used to be in the Hyatt, but they got new digs last summer at the W Hotel, when the W Hotel converted the Foshay. It goes without saying that Manny's is excellent. My husband and I split a clubhouse sandwich and a salad for lunch, we both have soda and it's around $23 before tip. So if you both get an entree, it would probably be around $40. Also, you get the delicious Manny's raisin bread! Yum! Have fun shopping with your Grandma!

            1. The Skyroom in Macy's (right next door to the Oak Room) also has a great salad bar - probably the best in downtown Minneapolis. A very nice room for a casual lunch.

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                Second the Skyroom. A wonderful salad bar.