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Apr 8, 2009 01:18 PM

Restaurants in New York with interesting decore?

My husband and I are going to New York 12-20 April.
Does New York have any interesting restaurants and bars that have made a lot out of the decore?
Either funny, beautiful or maybe a restaurant that makes you feel like you are in the country of the food that is served?

The price level should not be too high.

Thank you

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  1. Get a copy of the Zagat guide, which includes an index by decor. In general, hounds are interested in what's worth eating IN SPITE OF the decor, and not because of it, so you may not get much help here. Enjoy your trip!

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    1. re: Amy Mintzer

      Funny you say that Amy.I know this is too late but I would recommend Mars 2012.
      Talk about interesting/fun !
      NOW,ask me what I ate? Who the hell remembers. LOL

      Oh yeah And too bad Le Bar Bat closed( it's been a long time but it was neat.) . I heard the new place is just as cool in a different time. It's history is cool IMO.

      1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

        Of course you're right that there's lots of memorable restaurant decor in this town--I just figured she could just as easily look in a book. Though in fact this conversation is making me think about Tavern on the Green, a restaurant with resoundingly mediocre food but for which I have a deep and genuine affection based entirely on the decor and the location and the family celebrations we've had there over the decades--which we've only had because of the decor and the location!

    2. Try Spice Market -- it is absolutely gorgeous in there. Jean Georges flew in all this stuff from Asia and you feel like you are in some kind of decadent Asian country in there. The food is street asian food.

      Tao (the food is average) has a huge buddha inside and sweeping fabric panels on the ceiling. It is a huge restaurant and you definitely feel transported somewhere else as the area is large and beautifully decorated inside.