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Apr 8, 2009 01:13 PM

Easter...dine out or cook dilemma

I've checked the I apologize if this seems redundant.

I'm at odds as to what to do for Easter...either go out for either brunch or dinner or cook.

The problem with going out is I don't know which restaurants in the area (around Woodridge) would be good to go to with a child (6 yr) and that won't cost too much (less than $25 a person). I've checked open table but have gotten no where. I would prefer a buffet type setting since it's easier on the child-factor with him being able to choose exactly what he wants to eat. Riva sounds interesting but I'm afraid it's out of price range. Allaguer's doesn't have any tables open at brunch and I think it might be too upscale for a 6 yr. old. I am willing to drive a little but not a ton.

If I choose to cook I would like to make a ham...the problem is that I don't want to buy a huge ham...just enough for 2 adults and 1 child about 2-3 lbs. Any one know where I can find or "downsize" a ham in the area?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. COOK!! I am cooking for 16 with an extensive menu, cocktail, appetizers, and desert for around 15 each. Pretty darn good.

    And why a small ham. I buy a 8 lb for just me. Ham sandwiches, scalloped potatoes and ham, pasta with ham and fontina and asparagus, ham bake, ham salad, breakfast, omlettes, ham cakes ... what isn't to like. Bean soup from the bone. I bag mine up and freeze most and keep some and have great quicky dinner for a few weeks. Why just a small one.

    Everything I buy is big. I freeze and make extra. I don't have time during the week. Tonight, I am having frozen turkey I took out last night from the freezer. Making creamed turkey and biscuits. Left over (OK, cheating with bisquick tonight but won't be home until 9, so taking a short cut) but great simple dinner.

    Why not with the ham, I could think of tons of dinners for the leftovers.

    And I would still cook, so much cheaper and more fun. Make an easter egg in the house make it fun and something to remember rather than a cold restaurant. I hate restaurants during holidays to this day. I lost both grandfather, aunt and mother all within 3 months. My mom yesterday and realized. We NEVER had a holiday at a restaurant even when on vacation. We bought from a few stores and ate it together on the beach or where ever we were. NEVER at a restaurant. And t this day I appreciate that more than anything. It is family, not about convenience. I don't think to this day it would matter if it was hot dogs or leg of lamb but home is home to me. That is what is important.

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      Firstly, I'm sorry to hear about your losses.

      I want a small ham because...I know I'm going to elicit a ton of groans with this one...but I don't like ham whatsoever. And since my BF is coming for dinner and I just live with my son I really don't want left overs. I want to serve ham because they like it. But I would love to cook myself rather than go out...that was the BF's idea so he doesn't have to play human jungle gym while I'm in the kitchen.

      I was thinking about steak...but we always do that. And a tenderloin is out of my price range...which is also part of the reason for a small ham. and I must be on the same wave length today. I'm making turkey and dumplings for dinnter tonight. :)

    2. In case it helps you to know what various restaurants are planning for Easter brunch, there's a listing on Metromix of what dozens of places in the city and suburbs are planning. Unfortunately, prices are not indicated, so you would have to call the individual restaurants for that information.

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        Shoot. I was going to say make turkey because you don't like ham. I have people who don't like ham so I get an Amish turkey breast tied up like a roast, baste it with apple cider or something to have a glaze, and everyone is fine with it.

        Easter's all about the chocolate anyway.

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          This is a great list of options for those wanting to dine out! No need to call the restaurants though..... if you click on the restaurant name, more detailed info, including the prices, will be displayed.

        2. Thank you for all the input. I was lucky enough to find a small reasonably priced ham last it looks like I'm cooking which will be I just have to decide on side dishes.

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            I posted yesterday on the all-day Easter buffet brunch being offered by Catch 35 in Naperville at $29.95 per person. It's just above your price point, but offers seafood and meat dishes.

            Here's my post: Catch 35 in Naperville is right now offering an Easter Sunday 2009 Brunch Buffet for $29.95. It includes: Alaskan king crab eggs Benedict, stuffed French toast with bacon, sausage, and smoked salmon, seared scallops, shrimp pasta, braised beef shortribs, lemon chicken, shrimp cocktail, sliced beef tenderloin, grilled Scottish salmon, plus a sweet table. Reservations are being taken from 10 Am to 5:30 PM, as it is an "all day brunch bufftet".