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Apr 8, 2009 12:15 PM

Lunch to go in Sunnyvale / Mt View area?

Hi -

I'm working in Sunnyvale many days -- near Maude & 237 -- and I'm interested in
recommendations for places to grab good food to go. Places I'm already
frequenting on a weekly basis include:

Country Deli in Mountain View: fine selection of consistently good sandwiches and salads
Gourmet Express in Milpitas: excellent garlicky chicken shawerma plates; solid hummus
and tabouleh
La Bamba in Mountain View (Old Middlefield location): great burritos, and just $6!

Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I could use the variety at this point!


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  1. Guess I'm not sure on the constraints. Sounds like easy in/out parking. Not sure if you need eat-in-car, or if it's OK to need to call in advance.

    How about Trend on Moffit? The parking is easy in/out, but you'd have to call the order in advance, and they don't have an online menu that I can find, and they're stylistically different from what you're eating today.

    An old favorite taqueria of mine is Hermanos (Dos, Tres?) also on Moffit, south-ish side of the street. Ignore the burritos, eat the tacos. They used to have a truck at I think Charlesfield or Rengsdorf by the train tracks (there's a mexican market they parked by, whichever train crossing has that), tacos there were good too.

    1. For variety, I think you might like Los Altos Taqueria -- kitty corner from La Bamba.

      Los Altos Taqueria
      2105 Old Middlefield Way Ste E, Mountain View, CA 94043

      1. Taste Buds has a buffet that you can take to go. They have great vegetarian dishes in particular, flavorful but not spicy.

        Shana Thai also takes orders to go. I recommend the duck curry and the red curry.

        Taste Buds
        673 Grape Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

        Shana Thai Restaurant
        311 Moffett Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043

        1. I used to work near there and these are the places I frequent.

          Tres Potrillos, near Fair Oaks/101 for carnitas
          Chavez Market, right next to Tres Potrillos for excellent carne asada and lengua
          Ruby's Taqueria, Borregas & Ahwanee for sopes and other more unusual offerings
          Taqueria Latina on Maude for very authentic $1 tacos

          Rogers Deli & Donuts, Middlefield/ Central Expwy. for huge sandwiches
          Cam Hung, corner of Wolfe/Reed for banh mi

          House of Kabobs in downtown Sunnyvale has great shawarma sandwiches, but they're cooked to order so it'll be best to call in the order ahead.

          Cheap Chinese:
          Famous Food, Reed/Wolfe near Round Table is a great chinese fast food place (steam table or a la carte), not totally mind blowing but authentic and and ingredients taste fresh, no gloppy sauces. Very generous servings.

          1. it isn't in the immediate neighborhood but right off the expressway. I really love the jerk pork. If you order in advance, they will have it ready for you.