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Apr 8, 2009 12:07 PM

Where to find good meaty short ribs

The bones at McKinnon's looked like they came from anorexic cows. Stop & Shop was improperly cut. I need them for tomorrow night and don't think I'll make the trek up to Butcher Boy. Any suggestions in Cambridge or Boston? Whole Foods would be my last resort.

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  1. Roche Bros/Sudbury Farms in West Roxbury should have meaty short ribs.

    1. Thats a shame! I got short ribs at McKinnons on Saturday and they were good and meaty! Just one did me in!

      1. maybe a little off track-but how about dewar's in newton?

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        1. re: andieb

          My friend bought some there last weekend and they were fatty and REALLY pricey

        2. Dunno why they'd be your last resort unless you just have qualms about the place in general, but the River Street location of Whole Foods, at least, usually has lovely short ribs at a perfectly reasonable price.

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          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            Are they flanken cut? I've only seen English cut, making them the last resort.

            1. re: tallullah

              Oh, I'd assumed you were looking for English and the S&S ones were flanken, not vice versa.

              1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                I believe if you call ahead and speak to the meat department, you ought be able to arrange a pickup of flanken cut short ribs. Not all locations of WF will have someone who knows what that means, so call. As I recall, we've had the best luck at the Newton location.

                1. re: Baiye

                  What's the difference between flanken and English?

                  1. re: catsmeow

                    Flanken is cut laterally across the bones, English is cut longitudinally between the bones.

          2. You can easily pick up flanken cut beef ribs at just about any Brazilian butcher where they will be in the display case. Casa de Carnes in Union Square Somerville is probably the closest to Cambridge, I think they tend to cut on the thin side though. Tony's Foodland and La Sultana on Broadway also have them (one of them had slightly thicker ones this past week possibly Sultana). I know that the butcher on Middlesex ave in Medford just before BJs will happily cut to order as they did for me a month ago, but to give instructions you probably need to find the manager. In Boston, I would probably call Puritan beef at Haymarket first to see if they can cut a smaller quantity flanken and I know Lord Jeffs cuts to order, but you may need to buy a rack for beef ribs. Super88 does carry flaken-style ribs too, but like many things there right now its not an always thing.

            PS I think you may have seen the "back ribs" at McKinnon's, but in general not certain how much you need to order to get them cut flanken style. Similarly DeMoula's, maybe they would be willing to cut you some and put the rest up for sale, but no guarantees.

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            1. re: itaunas

              Given that galbi uses the flanken cut, maybe Korean groceries would have them as well.