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Apr 8, 2009 12:04 PM

what happened at El Farol in SF

We used to eat at El Farol regularly but after having babies we haven't been in quite some time (at least a year and a half). I used to love that restaurant, it was my favorite of all places to go, but we went last Friday, late lunch, and it was so bad! All 7 tappas we had were bleh, and the bread was barely edible. Did we just have a bad experience or has something changed?

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  1. OH NO!!!! We haven't been in a few years and it's our favorite dinner spot in Santa Fe!

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    1. re: Heyteacher

      I know, I am hoping we just caught a really bad night but I heard a rumor the chef (at least the one from 3-4 years ago) is elsewhere, if so I would love to know where to so I can follow!

      1. re: beefisfine

        Chef James Cambell Caruso struck out on his own a few years ago. He's opened La Boca on Marcy. It's really good, though the space itself can get crowded, and it's easy to run up a big tab quickly. He's also opened a Sandwich and coffee shop called Delicasa on St. Michaels (Near Smith's on Pacheco)
        I've never eaten At El Farol, although I drank alot there. I've always thought it smelled funny in there, when people could smoke in there, it kind of covered up the weird odors, but now with the smoking ban I can't handle it, and I haven't been back in over a year.

        1. re: Salt_ofthe_Earth

          this is what I hoped to find out, thanks so much!

    2. i would suggest trying again..i had a great , fun , wine soaked meal there two weeks ago.
      also might try El Meson, on washington st. nextto Santa Cafe, they are great , also w/ live music. great tapas.

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        We also enjoyed El Meson recently. The Paella didn't do much for me, although everyone seems to rave about it, but everything else was terrific and our waiter was very good.

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          Forgot to mention that we tried to go to La Boca without reservations on a Monday night. No luck, full up. That place is pretty tiny.

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            thank you all for the great info, we will try next week! muchas gracias!