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Apr 8, 2009 11:54 AM

UES In Search of Nice Easter Candy.

I stopped into a couple of places today - Dean & Deluca (v. expensive, no jelly beans), Duane Reade (bought some little Lindt Bunnies, passed on the various foil wrapped eggs because they all had brand names on them), Food Emporium (cleaned out), Williams Sonoma (odd flavours of jelly beans - too bad the beautiful blue speckled eggs in the catalogue aren't available in the store) and Yura (nothing interesting).

So - any suggestions? I'm particularly interested in traditional jelly beans - Brachs maybe? and small dark chocolate foil covered eggs. Someone suggested Eli's to me.


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  1. CVS has a huge Easter selection
    82nd and First Ave.

    try the Tasti-D'lite store on Second Ave. between 82 and 83 St.
    They have seasonal bin candy

    Also the larger Tasti candy place on Second Ave and 60 or 61 St...middle of the block
    HUGE candy/nut selection ...JELLY BELLIES in many flavors

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    1. re: pbjluver

      Ugh...I was just at CVS and couldn't find a Cadbury Creme Egg to save my life. :( So bummed.

      1. re: LeahBaila

        What I used to see were chocolate eggs, with sort of a hard outer coating, that had speckles on them. No idea who made them or what they were called, but I thought they were made by a main stream brand.

        1. re: MMRuth

          Just saw exactly those eggs, chocolate with hard outer coating with speckles, at the UWS Jacques Torres. They were called robin's eggs, were tiny (maybe an inch tall), came in a plastic egg carton, and were altogether adorable. Torres also had foil covered eggs, both loose and in egg cartons, and a huge selection of bunnies and flowers in flower pots. I think my favorite, though, was a milk or dark chocolate pig, about 6 inches tall. A little unconventional, but so much cuter than the bunnies which were pretty standard (although at least this chocolate would be a big cut above).

          Also, I saw this morning in my local Duane Reade bags of Brach's jelly beans. If you're thinking traditional that's probably the brand you're thinking of.

          1. re: JoanN

            Thanks so much for looking into that for me. I ended up going to Schaller & Weber, where I found adorable little marzipan lambs, chicks, roosters etc., as well as bags of dark chocolate eggs, covered with foil in various shades of blue. They had a pretty good selection. I may have to check out Torres though.

    2. How about Elk on 2nd nr 85 or 86 ?

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      1. re: makko

        Elk has not existed for quite awhile.
        A huge loss.

        1. re: pbjluver

          Not on the UES but I saw these Easter Egg Rice Krispy Treats @ Bouchon Bakery and thought they looked delish!

          1. re: pbjluver

            That is a loss. I remember the store at their earlier location on E86 afew doors down from German restaurant named Ideal.

        2. I just bought some jelly beans as well as dark chocolate eggs from Rite Aid in UWS. I assume Rite Aid in UES might carry them too.

          1. Of course for Brach jelly beans, you should try a drugstore as suggested, Walgreen's advertises a really enormous Easter candy selection...but, if you're looking for special little treats, I would definitely check out Macy's.

            1. My favorite jelly beans are Jelly Belly. They have them at Dylan's. Also have you been to the Lindt Store on Madison? Of course it's all chocolate, but they have really cute easter packaging and foils (cute carrots).

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              1. re: malibu

                I didn't realize that Lindt had a store - will check it out. And, I like Jelly Bellies, but, somehow, for Easter, I like the really traditional jelly beans - even if I can't remember which ones I'm thinking of!

                1. re: MMRuth

                  It's slightly hidden. They do have a storefront on Madison, but technically it's in the Roosevelt Hotel.

                  (212) 286-1970
                  367 Madison Ave
                  New York, NY 10017