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Apr 8, 2009 11:51 AM

Best dessert in the city?

What is the best dessert you have had in Boston?

I vote for the Souffle at Petit Robert.

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  1. Probably the corn fritters and ice cream at Sage.

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      I didn't see that on their online menu. Is that a special?

      1. re: Torolover

        It's probably seasonal, so it won't show up again for another two or three months. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure it it survived the transition to the South End location.

    2. How about the desserts at Finale? All flash but no substance?

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      1. re: Torolover

        Yes, that's been my experience with Finale's desserts. They look lots better than they taste.

      2. I did like the profiterole I got at Petit Robert in Kenmore Square a good bit.

        Some of the more memorable desserts and related items I've had locally include:

        -Indian pudding with vanilla ice cream at Durgin Park.
        -baked alaska at both Oleana and Locke-Ober.
        -baked goods at Modern Pastry, Maria's, or Mike's in the North End.
        -most any ice cream flavor at Toscanini's or Herrell's
        -the chocolate buffet at Cafe Fleuri.
        -gelato at Gelateria in the North End.
        -any pastry I've tried at Athan's in Brookline.
        -most any cookie or bar at Rosie's.
        -any pie I've tried at Petsi Pies.

        1. Impossible to choose one, but one that stood out in my mind recently was at Salts, a tart of dark chocolate with walnut ganache, a Guinness-flavored whipped cream kind of thing, candied kumquats, and malted-milkice cream. The chocolate had a nice balance of salty and bitter flavors, was not overly sweet, avoiding a flaw I find in many desserts.

          This reminds me a tiny bit of my favorite combination at Christina's, malted vanilla ice cream plus some kind of deep chocolate one.

          1. Favorite dessert at a restaurant: strawberry shortcake at Eastern Standard
            Favorite dessert not at restaurant: coffee ice cream with hot fudge at Toscanini's