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Best dessert in the city?

What is the best dessert you have had in Boston?

I vote for the Souffle at Petit Robert.

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  1. Probably the corn fritters and ice cream at Sage.

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      I didn't see that on their online menu. Is that a special?

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        It's probably seasonal, so it won't show up again for another two or three months. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure it it survived the transition to the South End location.

    2. How about the desserts at Finale? All flash but no substance?

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        Yes, that's been my experience with Finale's desserts. They look lots better than they taste.

      2. I did like the profiterole I got at Petit Robert in Kenmore Square a good bit.

        Some of the more memorable desserts and related items I've had locally include:

        -Indian pudding with vanilla ice cream at Durgin Park.
        -baked alaska at both Oleana and Locke-Ober.
        -baked goods at Modern Pastry, Maria's, or Mike's in the North End.
        -most any ice cream flavor at Toscanini's or Herrell's
        -the chocolate buffet at Cafe Fleuri.
        -gelato at Gelateria in the North End.
        -any pastry I've tried at Athan's in Brookline.
        -most any cookie or bar at Rosie's.
        -any pie I've tried at Petsi Pies.

        1. Impossible to choose one, but one that stood out in my mind recently was at Salts, a tart of dark chocolate with walnut ganache, a Guinness-flavored whipped cream kind of thing, candied kumquats, and malted-milkice cream. The chocolate had a nice balance of salty and bitter flavors, was not overly sweet, avoiding a flaw I find in many desserts.

          This reminds me a tiny bit of my favorite combination at Christina's, malted vanilla ice cream plus some kind of deep chocolate one.


          1. Favorite dessert at a restaurant: strawberry shortcake at Eastern Standard
            Favorite dessert not at restaurant: coffee ice cream with hot fudge at Toscanini's

            1. Really enjoyed the peanut pie with sorghum ice cream at Hungry Mother. Think pecan pie but with peanuts - not quite so sweet = WIN.

              1. Butterscotch pudding at Great Bay (prepared by the dessert chef who is no longer there)

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                  lol...if the chef is no longer there, is there a dessert? Sort of a tree falling in the forest kind of question.

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                    The caveat is there as I've heard it's back on the menu supposedly using the same recipe but someone also posted recently that it wasn't very good (and is now $11) - poster didn't ask for best desserts still readily available - does anyone know where the pastry chef who originated it went and may be now, by the way?

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                      The one at GB is different now; Lisa Sewell moved into her own place quite some time ago... Lineage in Brookline, right near the Coolidge Corner Theater. Excellent restaurant all-around, but ... they do have "the" butterscotch pudding. And it IS that good.

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                        Thanks very much - Lineage is now on the must-try short list!

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                          You could just chow down on $1 oysters, then have dessert!

                2. hazelnut almond dacquoise at Flour bakery

                  1. Believe it or not, one of my favorite desserts was actually via RW at blu about 2 yrs ago - they had a spiced plum panicotta dish. The spiced plum on the side was to die for. I made everyone at the table take a bite and they were all amazed, and most of my friends generally do not like desserts. I'm so sad not to see this on their menu anymore.

                    As for Finale, I'll agree that their desserts don't live up to the hype, but I don't think they're terrible. They're just standard, but certainly below expectations for a place specializing in desserts.

                    1. Let's keep the best dessert in Boston posts rolling!!

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                        Also there is a recent similar thread about dessert as reward that contains some good ones.


                      2. The smashed almond bark with dark chocolate dipping sauce at Rocca. I'm not a big dessert fan, but this was a nibble-able kind of thing, where the bark was really sweet and crunchy and nutty, and the sauce bitter....Loved it...

                        1. Toscanini's microsundae with burnt caramel ice cream, almonds, real whipped cream and hot fudge.

                          I always order dessert when I go out, but I've never had a fancy restaurant dessert better than this.

                          1. I have a lot of favorites (darm sweet tooth!), but as far as recent desserts go, the homemade tiramisu at Alia Ristorante in Winthrop is out of this world.

                            1. We ate at Clink during RW, and their salted peanut ice cream was unbelievable. I wish they sold it by the gallon! I also think Finale's desserts are OK, if not what they should be for the price and the fact that they are a dessert specialist, but not awful. Athan's I don't get. The pastries are OK, but they all taste the same to me.

                              Soft molasses cookies, fruit tarts, chocolate and coconut macaroons al at Clear Flour are also some of my faves.

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                                Have you tried JP Licks' PB hard fro-yo? If so, how does Clink's salted peanut ice cream compare?

                              2. Pain Perdu with vanilla bean ice cream at Aquitaine Bis.

                                1. Favorite recent restaurant dessert: almond semifreddo at Benatti. Surprised to find a semifreddo that blows Sorellina's out of the water.