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Apr 8, 2009 11:46 AM

Dinner in Waterbury, CT?

Looking for a place to have dinner before a concert at the Palace in Waterbury, ct. Prefer walking distance to theater...any kind of food as long as it's good. Thanks...

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  1. There is one restaurant very close (2 blocks) to the theatre called City Hall Cafe and it's a nice restaurant with fairly standard type food, but good (not too pricey). It will be very loud on a show night with large crowds trying to eat before the show. The other choice is one I have not personally been to, but have heard good things. It is a lttle bit futher away (about 2 more blocks), but still you could walk. It's called Zia's Cucina. They serve northern Italian food. I'm going next week for the first time and can't wait. It looks great, but that doesn't mean it's good.

    1. I really like Diorios on Bank St and it's within walking distance. Very old world style restaurant and very good service. Plus you can park for free in the garage across the street!

      1. I did a post on this about a month ago and got 7 or 8 replies. Still trying to figure out what to do. It sounds like the City Hall Cafe, if there is a sold out concert at the Palace, would be very difficult to get into. Is that so? Do they take reservations? It sounds casual so probably not. I am trying to figure out a place equidistant to park and walk Do other such places exist. I think I will take a ride and try to scope it out so I'll report back later, my tix are for the Leonard Cohen gig in May so I have some time. Diorios was mentioned a couple of times in my original post so that's the way I am leaning at the moment.

        1. A bit of a longer walk, but I suggest Drescher's. Good German and continental food in a 100 year old dark wood panelled atmosphere. I've eaten there about 4-5 times a year for more than 50 years and have never been disappointed.