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Apr 8, 2009 10:57 AM

New Condiment Site...

stumbled on it looking for a real station... interesting tone:

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  1. Should I be worried that I have 24 of the top 25 in my kitchen and eight others as well?

    Interesting read, but perhaps too heavy on the hot sauces and too light on the BBQ sauces (omitting the vinegar and the mustard ones).

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    1. re: shallots

      Outside of the iconic first ten or so I don't think the order reflects quality or popularity... wonder how deep they'll take it? They got to get to Stubbs eventually...

      1. re: Flaco

        Outside of the iconic first ten or so I don't think the order reflects quality or popularity.
        even the top ten doesn't reflect quality. ground black pepper? table salt? Miracle Whip.

        ick, ick, and ick.

        and further down on the list...Grey Poupon over Maille?

        i also think Cholula should be higher up.

        interesting concept, though.

      2. re: shallots

        lol... my breathing got a little short when I realized I was getting low on toasted sesame oil recently

        1. re: shallots

          Do you mean worried that you're missing one?

        2. The most interesting thing about this site are the blurbs they put about the products. Sometimes more information than I want to know.

          1. ...I have two of the mentioned ones...well four if you count salt and pepper but not those brands.

            1. Its embarrassing that things that are better if prepared fresh like Salsa, BBQ Sauce, Mayo, Salad Dressings etc., are on that list. Maybe I am a lightweight but I do buy processed vinegar, soy sauce, Maggi etc.,... but Salsa, BBQ & Salad Dressings? Pathetic.

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              1. re: Eat_Nopal

                After grazing through the blurbs I think the site has more in common with and is satirizing a lot of these products. I see no indication of any order in terms of quality, only ubiquity. What I do like is some of the history behind the products and the idea that condiments can reflect popular culture around the world. It's fun.

              2. I'm laughing my butt off at this site (all the way to the grocery store)- Seems like endless possibilities abound! I wonder what's behind it? Someone with some serious free time? Seems like it's expanding, like my pantry is about to- I know I don't want Baconnaise, but i need to know!! Other things I need to know- Where's the best muffaletta relish (Obviously Central grocery), What's the diff between all the Yucateca's? and is Nutella really a condiment?