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Apr 8, 2009 10:22 AM

Where can I find good ceviche in LA county?

Just came back from a week long vacation in Cancun/Playa del Carmen and I'm missing the ceviche, shrimp tacos and fish tacos that I consumed all week while I was out there relaxing! Can anyone help me find these delicious items here in LA to satisfy my cravings for them? I'm in the Pasadena area but am willing to drive to fill my cravings...Thanks in advance!

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  1. I LOVE the ceviche at Tacos Baja Ensenada. They also have some of the best fish tacos you can get this side of the border. I also like the ceviche they have at La Estrella in Pasadena (several locations). You can also do a search, this item has been discussed many, many times here. Good luck!

    Tacos Baja Ensenada
    5385 Whittier Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90022

    1. Babita has several ceviche-style dishes, and I've always loved the tequila-cilantro-cured salmon sope -- until yesterday, when it lacked the usual luscious taste and texture. That was the first time in my experience that this preparation was less than great, and I have every reason to believe it was just an off night.

      1. Depends. Do you want Mexican-style ceviche? Then go to Tacos Baja Ensenada, especially if you want shrimp and fish tacos. Also check out the various locations of El Taco Nazo and Senor Baja -- those three are the reigning doyennes of the shrimp and fish taco. (I prefer ETN for shrimp tacos and SB or TBE for fish tacos.)

        Do you want Peruvian-style ceviche (which I prefer)? Then go to Puro Sabor in Van Nuys or Las Quenas in North Hollywood.

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          Strong second to Puro Sabor -- and not just for the ceviche.

          1. Probably not in the exact style of what you had south of the border, but I've come to really like a non-shellfish version:

            Ceviche Oasis - Fresh Tuna with avacado, sesame seeds, jalapeno & spices:


            That's the link to the Glendale location, which I haven't been to, as the original location in Beverly Hills is close by.

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              Word of Warning ~ Frida's are expensive = $17 in Beverly Hills & $13.95 in Glendale; sort of like a Tuna App at a high-end spot - probably the most expensive anyone has suggested.

              La Cevicheria - Sounds very worthy of a visit:


            2. Thanks for the suggestions! Will be heading to all of them and doing some serious eating! I knew I could rely on all of you to provide some suggestions! Thanks again!