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Apr 8, 2009 10:02 AM

Pomegranates still available?

Seems like I've seen pomegranates everywhere in the last few weeks. Now they seem to have disappeared. Is their season over? When might they come on the market again?

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  1. Out of season in this hemisphere but in season southern hemisphere, maybe those you saw were imported. Trader Joe's carries the seeds only imported from India . However I see your nearest TJ's is in Everett Wa. 1200 miles for pomegranates, I think not.

    1. I was at Costco (Beacon Hill, Calgary) and they had the packages of fresh pomegranate seeds in the walk-in veggie cooler.

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      1. re: beggsy

        Are those like $8 for a package?

        1. re: anonymoose

          I never looked at the price. Sure seemed like a lot of seeds though - I think it was a 2-pack deal.

      2. Thanks for the responses all. I have to confess that I really needed the actual fruit for a still life painting! (Not really a food topic I guess). I've seen the packages of loose seeds at Costco too and they did have boxes of actual poms a while back but I didn't buy any then. Guess I've "missed the boat" for this year. Unless I want to fly to Washington! Beggsy, when you first mentioned seeds, I thought you meant that I could grow my own, ha ha!

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          Save the airfare, they also only have seeds this time of year.
          Edit. Rebook, dried are available in Washington.