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Apr 8, 2009 08:57 AM

Saturday Brunch, DC


Friend is graduating from Grad School next month and am looking for a great brunch...I remember a few years back going to the waterfront (georgetown) for an amazing brunch but cant remember if it was sequioas and if they only did that on sundays. Also, somewhere with bottomless champagne would be great.

Thanks :)

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    1. re: chicken kabob

      I like the brunch at Tabard Inn, especially if you can sit out in the court yard. It's so beautiful and relaxing.

      The only place I can think of with bottomless champagne is Beacon Bar and Grill. I've never been to their brunch but I think its a buffet. I hear good things though.

      Bistro Francais in Georgetown serves champagne with their brunch. Pretty good french food, although I have lately begun to feel that while the food is good, they really need to pay attention to the worn out restaurant. The table clothes seem old, with holes etc...the age of the place is starting to show a little.

      Bistro Bis also has a great brunch!!

    2. Creme Cafe on U st is a good Saturday option. It's small and popular so how long you wait is a gamble, but bottomless mimosas are just $15 and the food is darn tasty.