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Apr 8, 2009 08:48 AM

Quick dinner spot for pre-movie in Union Square.

I'm looking for a quick dinner/date spot for good, decently priced food before a movie in the Union Square area. The weeknight dinner and a movie scanario needs some ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Ramen Setagaya is now open (I'm pretty sure) on University Place. I'm also a big fan of Japonica, but it's not exactly decently priced, unless you split stuff. Coffee Shop is worth considering also - I've found the daily specials to be pretty consistently good, and cheapish.

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      Yeah Setagaya is open, there is also Grey Dog cafe on University and Soeun on 13th street

    2. Saigon Grill is quick and cheap, but has nice enough decor to pass for a casual weeknight date. Ippudo is the same, but the only warning is that many parties of 2 get seated at a communal table, so not super private. The food is great, though. It's on 10th st and 4th ave.

      1. When we do 'date night' we sometimes go to Zabb City on E13th. Great food, low key atmosphere and reasonably priced thai.

        1. Whenever I'm in that area for a movie and need a quick dinner, I do Republic for thai food. It's a very loud and hectic setting, but the food is pretty good for the price. Not sure if its the type of date setting you want, though.

          For something with a somewhat better date atmosphere you can try Taralucci e Vino for Italian food and a nice wine list.

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            For Vietnamese there is Saigon Grill
            Thai there is Spice (their new location is on 12th street and University I believe)
            Cafe Spice on University for Indian
            Stand on 12th Street (Burgers etc)
            Piola for Argentinian Pizza

          2. Laut at 17th St. just west of Union Square West will be likely to give you a good meal, if you order Malaysian food there. Not sure how quick it would be, though.