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Pastrami near Lincn Ctr

I'll be at Linc. Center tomorrow and would like to find some pastrami near by. I've been to Katz Deli. Thanks.

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  1. Lansky's, Columbus b/w 70 & 71. Haven't been, but word is that it's not Katz caliber, but more or less OK.

    Lansky's Old World Deli
    235 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

    1. I like the pastrami at Artie's, on Bway, around 82nd?

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        I find Artie's pastrami utterly tasteless.

      2. These are probably your 2 best options - neither approaches Katz's. Obviously Lanksy's is closer

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          If the place is Kosher than they might be closed for Passover...better check first

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            I tell ya...I have had a couple corned beef ruebens at Lansky's that have been way better than any corned beef anything that came out of Katz's...Never had lansky's pastrami (i'd stick with Katz there), but I actually like Lansky's and it's worth going there....way better than Arties are Carnegie....

          2. Three basic choices, IMO: Artie's, Lansky's, Carnegie Deli. Never been to Lansky's so I can't offer an opinion. I prefer Carnegie to Artie's (but they're usually crowded and don't take credit cards - cash only) - and Carnegie isn't as good as Katz's.

            1. Artie's is OK. Not great, but OK.
              Not sure if it's good or not, but I think you can also get a pastrami sandwich at Zabar's (in the counter with all the prepared foods -- I've heard them promo it over the loudspeakers) but of course then you'd have to find a place to sit and eat it.

              1. Lincoln Center is close enough to the Carnegie Deli, that I'd go there before succumbing to Artie's. Better to go after the opera than taking the half of your sandwich you don't finish to the Met. I generally prefer the Carnegie for corned beef, Katz's for pastrami, but the pastrami at the Carnegie is certainly good.

                1. How did Artie's and Zabars make this list and Not Barney Greengrass?

                  If you are willing to go north, Barney greengrass is by far your best option for pre-lincoln theater pastrami.

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                  1. re: Spends Rent on Food

                    Barney Greengrass is basically a lox / bagels / egg place.
                    Look at their menu.

                    They do have pastrami & eggs. They don't have pastrami sandwiches.

                    1. re: RichardW

                      Actually, per your link, they do. There's a menu section under the heading "Meat Sandwiches" which includes pastrami, corned beef, tongue & swiss, etc.

                      That said, in all my years living on the UWS a few blocks away, I never bought pastrami at Barney Greengrass' or knew anyone who did.

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                        It's too bad you "never" at least even tried it. It's good. It's not Katz's or Sarge's good (it's a bit dry), but it is (in my view) the best you can get on the UWS.

                        Maybe we should all stick to recommending/ not recommending places where we've actually eaten? Then we can use this space to debate what we liked and disliked about our experiences.

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                          In point of fact, I was responding to your question: "How did Artie's and Zabars make this list and Not Barney Greengrass? ".

                          But, point taken.