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Bahn Mi New Additions - Any Feedback?

So according to both the NY and NY mag, Bahn mi are the trendiest new cheap food in NY, even though they've been around for ages. the NY article in which they are mentioned listed a bunch of places, many of which seemed new. Does anyone have any feedback or relative rankings for the following? any new stand outs (I think An Choi was reviewed favorably in another posting)?

AN CHOI 85 Orchard Street (Broome Street); (212) 226-3700.

BANH MI SAIGON BAKERY 138 Mott Street (Grand Street); (212) 941-1541.

BAOGUETTE 61 Lexington Avenue (25th Street); (212) 518-4089.

BAOGUETTE CAFE 37 St. Marks Place (Second Avenue); (347) 892-2614.

BA XUYEN 4222 Eighth Avenue (42nd Street), Sunset Park, Brooklyn; (718) 633-6601.

NHA TOI 160 Havemeyer Street (South Second Street), Williamsburg, Brooklyn; (718) 599-1820.

NUM PANG 21 East 12th Street (University Place); (212) 255-3271.

PARIS SANDWICH BAKERY CAFE 113 Mott Street (Hester Street); (212) 226-7221.

SAU VOI CORP. 101 Lafayette Street (Walker Street); (212) 226-8184.

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  1. Here's a thread on Num Pang, which includes my review of it.


    1. Nicky's in the EV has always been a neighborhood staple. However they're a little on the small side... i've had much better.

      The new bahn mi cart in FiDi, which sometimes shows up on St Marks and 2nd Ave, is overpriced and not that great as well.

      Baoguette's, from what I had at the Village Voice Choice Eats, is pretty tasty. I've been meaning to pay them a visit and get a full sized bahn mi.

      For an awesome bahn mi alternative, you gotta check out the "Pho Real" at Sunny and Annie's Bodega on Ave B and 6th St. It sort of captures a lot of elements of a bowl of pho, such as the beefiness (roast beef), basil, sprouts, and hoisin and sriracha. Plus they throw in a generous helping of avocado and tomatoes. Really fresh, crunchy, and a huge sandwich for $6.

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        great tip on that "pho real" sandwich; wonder how it compares to An Choi's version. will def. check it out when I'm around.

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          ExFlex... thanks for the recommendation for the Pho Real sandwich!
          Just tried it based on the above post. Quite yummy! Never had anything like it... have a feeling I'm gonna be eating quite a few of these in the future.
          Thanks again!

        2. I just had a catfish banh mi from the new Baoguette on St. Marks. It was very tasty.

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            I also just had the catfish banh mi at Baoguette and agree that it was quite tasty.

            1. Here's my feedback on the places I've tried from that list:

              BANH MI SAIGON BAKERY - my favorite bahn mi in the city. Very authentic, huge portion, good price, great flavor. The pork is really fantastic

              BAOGUETTE - a close 2nd. Less authentic, more modern, but really, really tasty. Great flavor combinations. Smaller size and less authentic than most.

              PARIS SANDWICH BAKERY CAFE - terrible. Bad flavors, bad ratio of meat to bread to veggies, just awful all around.

              SAU VOI CORP. - a complete hidden gem. The cheapest place I've found, though they're smaller than most. Also the best place I've found for meatball bahn mi

              Others Not Listed:
              NICKY's in the East Village - passable, but not worth a trip unless you're craving bahn mi in the area. Kind of a boring bahn mi

              BOI TO GO in Midtown - the worst of the lot by far. This isn't even passable as a bad midtown sandwich, let alone a bahn mi. Terrible bread, it's not a baguette, but a big, wide, soggy slice of Italian bread. Way, way over-stuffed with carrot and daikon. Bad meats, too much mayo, not enough cilantro, just awful. Not worth stopping in even if you have a major craving and are walking by one.

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                Sorry to interrupt. I don't quite get why when you quote the names of these places, you use the correct spelling "banh", but when you do comment/opinion, you use "bahn"? Just curious, no offence intended.

                Second the vote for Banh Mi Saigon Bakery, love their classic banh mi. Funny, growing in Ha Noi I never liked the coldcuts, only, butter, pate, and dry pulled-pork (ruoc).

              2. just had Saigon Banh Mi (jewelry store joint) for the first time in a long time and, it was disappointing. Granted, it was late, so they slid me one of their pre-made ones sitting under a heat lamp in paper bags, a practice in and of itself that should ban the place from getting any sort of "top" status but they've been getting lazy, seriously. sandwich is $3.75 but now, nowhere near as good as when they first were really good, maybe 3-4-5 years ago. rough prep, not much flavor, pork hard and unsavory (a function of being pre-made I suppose) and just, not as good. also an update on their location; they will be moving in May/June to 198 Grand Street.

                so, any better chinatown banh mi? I don't like going to any of the new school cute ones unless I have to, I'd prefer to get them from the grandmas but if it sucks, then I may be forced to go elsewhere. just might have to revisit Banh Mi So 1 on Broome (my original favorite after shifting allegiance to Banh Mi Saigon); been to most of the places on the original list from Renguin and don't really like any of them except of course for Ba Xuyen out in Sunset Park.

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                  I've already shifted my allegiance back to Banh Mi So No. 1 on Broome St., which is now called something different, maybe Banh Mi Saigon? Anyway, the pre-made sandwiches at Saigon Banh Mi (jewelry store) drive me crazy and the bread irritates the roof of my mouth. At Banh Mi Saigon (Broome St. ) they make every sandwich fresh to order. They also have really good vegetarian spring rolls, which I sometimes like even better than the sandwiches, though I'm not vegetarian.

                  1. re: Westminstress

                    It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who has had the baguette irritate my mouth - the Lexington Baoguette bread is really rough and does quite the number on me.

                    RGR, I'm glad to hear the new Baoguette location is better, but I wonder if that can hold. I guess I should go try it while it's early...

                  2. re: bigjeff

                    Banh Mi So 1 is the best of the lot in Chinatown. They are still pumping out quality sandwiches after all these years. The price may have gone up but the sandwich is still good.

                    Baoguette is pretty bad in my opinion.

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                      Whatever Banh Mi So 1 is now called on Broome, it is better than the jewelry store (albeit smaller). But why does Sau Voi get no love here?

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                        yes, premade is just not as good. my last visit to saigon banh mi was also disappointing, and this place has been a favorite of mine for years.

                      2. The banh mi I had at Baoguette's Lex location not long after it opened last year was disappointing. However, at the recently opened Baoguette & Thao Noodle, on 3rd, the banh mi was quite good.

                        Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

                        1. The new Paris Sandwich on Grand St. was better than I expected. Although the assembly line production by young employees appears very fast foodish, the bagette was still fresh at least. They have tables on site. The jewelry store sandwich seems to lose something by the time I get it home. The banh mi novelty may have worn off.

                          Not mentioned is a place on the corner of Bowery and Grand St. that appears to have a banh mi stand. This is the pharmacy/Durian Fruit store on the Northwest corner. Has anybody tried this place?

                          Paris Sandwich
                          213 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

                          1. here are my favorites with a few notes:
                            1) jewerly store (haven't tried it in a few years though)
                            2) baoguette (st marks): besides the banh mi nothing else i tried was any good
                            3) bahn mi zon (east village): their rice ball dessert is bad and their flan is medicre. all the banh mis i tried were pretty good including the sardines and chicken. if you go there i think you have to stop next door to carteles is and try their awesome deep fried cuban sandwich and sloppy joe sandwich.
                            4) pho grand (i might be confusing it with nam son): it's a regular viet restaurant in chinatown and like baoguette they only have one type of bahn mi. if you go in the evening they might have already sold out.

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                              nam son was sold out of bread the last time I went (weekday night), pho grand is a block more east on grand I believe.

                            2. I ate at An Choi about a month ago with a friend. We both ordered the half pho/banh mi, and I got the pho chay, which was absolutely delicious, and the lemongrass tofu banh mi. We ate there pretty late, which might've explained for the extremely soggy, disappointing baguette. The description of the sandwich said the baguette had aioli on it, but there was none, only homemade chili sauce. It didn't actually taste too bad, but the filling was bursting out of the bottom of the baguette, it was so soggy. And in the last bite, I consumed possibly the most spicy mouthful of food i've ever tasted. I don't know if there was a conglomeration of jalapenos and chili sauce hiding or what it was, but my mouth went numb and my throat was prickling and I was honestly afraid I was going to have an anaphylactic reaction. can anyone recommend good banh mi chay?

                              An Choi
                              85 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002