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Apr 8, 2009 07:56 AM

Dim sum with babies

We're looking to grab weekend dim sum in Chinatown, and will have one, maybe two babies in tow. I'm wondering how accommodating Dim Sum Go Go will be to strollers (I know they don't have high chairs!), or if anyone has other suggestions for places with good dim sum, not crazy waits, and either high chairs or a high stroller-tolerance? Thanks!

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  1. In case no-one else replies, my feeling is that Dim Sum Go Go would be no problem for your family. I don't know that from personal experience, though.

    1. Hi,

      I was at Dim Sum Go Go twice with my baby and it wasn't a problem. Once I had my stroller with snap-in car seat - we kept the baby in the seat on a chair and stowed the stroller. We've also held her on our lap.

      I do generally go early to such places to get a favorable seating situation before there are crowds.


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        Going early is a good idea in any case. If you show up at Dim Sum Go Go after 11:30 on a weekend, your wait will be ridiculous (up to an hour or so). It's best to come before 11, and preferably, by 10:30.

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          Remember that is is Easter tomorrow...a lot of families will be out in Chinatown especially if the weather is nice,

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            Very good point, and I wasn't thinking of that. ABT, if you're going tomorrow, the earlier, the better. Dim Sum Go Go opens at 10 o'clock, and I'd recommend showing up at 10, if not a bit earlier.

      2. Cafe Evergreen on the UES has great dim sum imo. We took my 1 year old niece there and they have high chairs.

        Cafe Evergreen
        1288 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

        1. I think the bigger Dim Sum places are most accomodating to babies. They have high chairs and strollers fit in best. Places like Golden Unicorn, 33 Pell, 88 E.Bway, Jin Fong, King Seafood,,, many big places

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            Totally agree about the more cavernous places being more accommodating and considerate places to bring babies in strollers. I've been to Dim Sum Go Go and it's a somewhat tight space. I think a stroller might well be a nuisance to park in there and a bit intrusive to other diners. Two strollers would be really difficult.

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