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Apr 8, 2009 07:28 AM


I am looking to take out friends for pulled pork/bbq in NYC. The price and location are not an issue. We have been to Blue Smoke and that was good,.Are there any other recs for this food. I hve seen on the chow boards Daisy Mae, Dinosaur are there any others. Thanks for the help.

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  1. I would normally say Hill Country but it does not have pulled pork. My fav of the rest is Dinosaur. Get the Big Ass Pork Plate.

    1. I just went to a birthday party at Dinosaur and it was great. If you call and order ahead, you can just get plates of family style food and buckets of beer for a great price. The pulled pork was good and the chicken wings were the best.

      1. I've been a fan of Dinosaur since first visiting my then g/f now wife up at Cuse, but for a birthday, if you don't mind substituting brisket for pulled pork, beef for pork ribs... I think Hill Country is a fun atmosphere and great food.

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          1. Second Rub. Another thought, though I know it's not manhatattan... Fette Sau in Williamsburg is very good, and it's just a few stops from Union Square on the L train.

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              I think R.U.B. does better things, but their pulled pork was definitely a contender. The pulled pork at Fette Sau, however, tends to be dry with an inappropriate sauce for NC-style.