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Apr 8, 2009 07:12 AM

Brick Lane Curry House

So I'm really interested in thoughts about this place. I hear it's a real "London style" curry house, but what about local reaction?

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  1. Brick Lane is more expensive then most of the other Indian places on 6th street but they also use higher quality ingredients. The style is more like what is found in the U.K. and is favored by my friends from the U.K. when they want something like what they get at home. I've eaten there a number of time and find it quite enjoyable.

    1. It's the closest to London style curry you will get here. They have onion bhaji- not sure if it's on the menu, but you can request it. They always make it for us. It's not the best indian you will ever have, but t does the trick and we always go there when craving a curry. KT is right about price, it's a notch up from the standard 'row' places. Worth it, IMO. No, I'm not english, I'm just married to one.

      1. I actually just happened to go there in the last couple weeks for the first time since I felt like branching out in terms of indian and this place got relatively decent reviews. I thought it was quite good, definitely better than most of the palces on 6th and teh ingredients did seem to be of higher quality. it was a bit pricey though, it was $100 dollars for 2 people. we had beer and were quite full after, but you generally don't think of Indian (except for Tabla or Devi or Tamarind) as a $50 a person dinner, at least that wasn't my original intention. All in all it was definitely a positive experience and I would go back.

        I'm really not sure what is meant by "london style", by the way. I've had Indian food in london and its generally better there than here, but the menu doesn't seem strikingly different to me. Maybe london style just means good?

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          Wow, $100 for two! What did you order?

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            I've been to Brick Lane 4 times and that's what my checks have run too. We've ordered starters, mains, a couple of breads ... maybe one vegetable. And a bottle of wine as well.

            1. re: Bob Martinez

              Yep, same here. The food is usually good, but the prices are the highest in its peer group.

              Not worth it IMO, unless you're just going for the phaal challenge.

          1. Forgive any repetition, but I had a really bad experience here with a huge wait and warm beer and a variety of other things that made me less than excited at the prospect of going back to pay these prices for curry. I lived in London and feel as if I ate at almost every curry house around, in avoidance of British food, and this is not London curry by any stretch of the imagination. Our server MEANT well, but by the end of the meal there was no pretense any more that it hadn't been a disaster.
            Aftter waiting 45 min for our main dishes, we were getting kind of ravenous and I'm giving him meaningful glances, like "anything up with the food??" Anway after another 1/2 hr or so elapsed he kind of avoided my gaze, as he knew the kitchen had sabotaged him. I went between different brands of beer, finally going to the bar to ask the bartender if he had ANY cold beer. It was a summer day and with a vindaloo, one wants frigid beer....we finally came to the conclusion that all the beer was coolish. It was an unmitigated disaster. We still tipped generously, but I decided this was a clip joint. Curry doesn't need to be this expensive and they need to turn the bar's cooler up. I live very close and would never go back.