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Apr 8, 2009 04:43 AM

Birthday lunch in or near Framingham?

Siblings are looking for a spot to take our father for a 65th birthday lunch in or near Framingham on a weekday. I know that there are lots of great Brazilian restaurants in the area, but he is a fairly traditional, meat and potatoes kind of guy. It does not have to be anything fancy (though fancy is fine), just a nice spot with good food for a special lunch. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Sel de le Terre in Natick

    1. Sal de la Terre is not a bad choice. Another option, if he loves meat is the Met Bar & Grill at the Natick Collection. They also have good options for non-meat eaters too, so it's a good mix.

      Kristina Y.

      1. Coach Grill, Sudbury, Rt.20

        1. Meat and Potatoes you say? What about Ken's Steakhouse? It's pretty much a land mark in Framingham. Metro 9 is good too, but little more upscale.

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            I don't think Metro 9 is open for lunch, but it's definitely good.

          2. Of all the places mentioned so far, I think a traditional, meat and potatoes guy would be most comfortable at the Coach Grill (in Wayland, not Sudbuy, actually). I'd steer clear of Ken's; it gets some nasty reviews. Sel de la Terre is my favorite of the bunch, but I'm not a meat and potatoes kind of gal, and the Coach Grill is equally nice.

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              The Coach Grill is a great suggestion but I am quite sure that they don't serve lunch during the week. I would suggest The Aegean on Route 30 in Framingham. In addition to their many lamb items, they also have filet mignon and steak. You can look at their menu at The dining room is quite nice and comfortable and I have always had very good food and service. Definitely avoid Ken's.