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Apr 8, 2009 04:39 AM

Where should my husband eat in KCMO tonight?

He is on a business trip with one colleague and they like to eat well, staying at Hotel Phillips. They are NYC CHers, steak or seafood would be a fine choice, also a contemporary American restaurant with good drinks and a good beer list. A 15-20 minute cab ride from hotel at the most, if possible.

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  1. Michael Smith or the adjoining Extra Virgin would be my choice.

    Very close to downtown, as in 5 minutes by car. It's really only a 15 minute walk from the Phillips.

    1. In the downtown:

      106 year old Savoy Grill has good steak and seafood and a lot of history. It was a favorite of Harry Truman and others

      Majestic Steak House is in an interesting old building has good steaks and light jazz.

      1. When I'm in KC overnight one of my favorite places is Le Fou Frog, which is north of downtown in the River Key district. Run by a native Frenchman, this funky and fun bistro features great food and a menu that changes daily depending on what's fresh that day.
        Here are some reviews from Yelp:
        It's also a favorite among us Chowhounds too.

        1. Too bad he wasn't here a year ago. Hotel Philips used to have a good in-house restaurant, although a bit above my pay-grade.

          I would also recommend Bluestem, which is not as close as Michael Smith, but easily within your cab-ride distance. Great cocktails as well as great food.

          The other Beard-award winner would be the American Restaurant in Crown Center. Again, easily within the cab distance. I can't personally recommend this one because I haven't been.

          If they're looking to have a couple of cocktails or beers after dinner, they should also consider a trip to Harry's Country Club in the River Market, which is walkable from the Hotel or a very quick cab ride. A very big and very good selection of spirits and beers, friendly professional bartenders, and a KC-riffic atmosphere.

          ETA -- and thanks for posting a very specific request. I'm sure the NY boards get inundated with the vague "I'm in NY. Where should I eat?" posts.

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            Harry's does have a good beer and great spirits selection--and I really like the place overall--but they don't actually mix very good cocktails, in my experience.

            Agree with the bluestem rec, too, either the lounge for a little more casual and cheaper, or the restaurant for a more formal and expensive tasting menu.

            1. re: Aaron Deacon

              I confess. I don't usually make it past the scotch menu, and I order neat with a water back, so I don't really know much about their mixology.

          2. My first thought was Michael Smith and/or Extra Virgin. If they want more traditional food and more formal atmosphere, then the American is a good choice as well. I also second Harry's Country Club. All very close and all for the discerning. DO NOT LET THEM GO TO POWER AND LIGHT- It's truly tragic. That place was built for clueless tourists who need somewhere to go after the Sprint center. Very expensive. Very pedestrian. Very anoying. Oh yaeh, JP Wine Bar is good for the obvious and then there's Lidia's, but I would sit at the bar and eat everything I could at Extra Virgin. It's nice today and there's a patio if they prefer. Hope he has fun.

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              P.S.- Happy hour @Extra Virgin is from 3 to 6. 1/2 price on lots of the food and all drinks, including wine, are $2 off.