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Apr 8, 2009 12:58 AM

Noordwijk An Zee Dining Tips?

We're going on holiday to Noordwijk An Zee. Does any one have any suggestions for not-to-miss dining experiences? Thanks!

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  1. I hope you're going after 9 June, as that's the start of the new herring season. Those wonderful little products of the early catch are amazing. Beach, beer and matjes was about as refined as my dining got in Noordwijk, at least in terms of eating out. I don't remember the restaurants being especially tempting, but a group of us all took turns cooking, so the constant variety of home-cooked food didn't encourage us to try. For Rijsttafel we drove to Den Haag, which isn't too far.

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      Thanks. But, we'll be there for the flower parade in about 2 weeks. Any good places in Den Haag that you can recommend?

    2. I've been asking people the same question since I'll also be in that general area next week. The place that was recommended most enthusiastically was the restaurant Latour in the Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk aan Zee, which has a Michelin star. The menu online looks yummy but I don't know if I'm prepared to spend that much money on this trip, however.

      What I really want is the herring! But sadly I won't be there in June either.

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        this is the place to go, not for fine dinning, but for the real dutch sea side experience...

        it's the restaurant from one of the best fish handlers in holland! and it's quite an experience! it's located in Scheveningen, just outside of Den Haag, easily reachable by the tram.

        Visafslagweg 20
        2583 DM Den Haag
        Tel: 070-3500042

        Great Thai is Songkhla, Den Haag

        Gedempte Burgwal 2f
        2512 BT Den Haag

        Denneweg and Noordeinde have nice places and shops...

        Greats and bars with large beer garden/terraces on the Grote Markt.

        Enjoy Den Haag!

        1. re: zobot77

          Thanks for all of the info everyone. Am super excited to see the flower parade and now to eat as well! :)