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Apr 7, 2009 10:15 PM

Kosher Coca Cola - SouthBay

FYI - Kosher coca cola can be found at:
Lucky's Grocery Store
San Jose, CA
408 364-8800

Corner of Saratoga Ave & Campbell Ave. Next to REI.
Across the street from Westgate Mall

2- liter bottle with yellow cap. $1.68

Anyone else carry it in San Jose / south bay ?????

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  1. as far as i can tell, you can just get mexican coke. it too is made with sugar as opposed to corn syrup. therefor being acceptable for passover. since it is the corn syrup that is not allowed during passover.... coke is normally kosher during the rest of the year.
    Especially in the bay area, where even cost-co has cases of mexican coke... no need to wait for passover.

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      I checked the Coke at Costco and the ingredients listed HFC. Sometimes the Mexican Coke from BevMo has HFC and at other times not. I just bought some of the Passover Coke from Safeway in Lafayette and the only thing missing from the Coke of my youth was the glass bottle. It would be perfect in a nice 12 ounce glass bottle.

      I emailed Coke last year asking for wider distribution and production of the real deal, they responded that the local bottler has different recipes and can choose which version they want to produce. I called the local bottler and left a message and never received a response.

    2. Easy to spy the Mexican produced coke by the glass bottle. I've seen it in the past at some of the large Asian markets, but my local one hasn't had it lately. I'm down to my last 2 bottles...