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Jun 21, 2004 08:16 PM

King David Grill

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I went to the King David Grill, on Pico near La Cienega. It's a small Israeli place next to a nursery. They have a simple menu consisting largely of grilled meat. I ordered the grilled lamb. They brought out three small dishes: olives with some kind of chiles (good), pickled cabbage with dill (okay), and red cabbage (bland). The lamb was moderately flavorful but maybe a little overcooked. French fries were oily and limp but actually pretty good with the right amount of salt and pepper. Heavily seasoned rice was probably the best part of the meal. Orange juice tasted artificial. Overall it was okay, but I probably wouldn't go back.

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  1. In the never-ending search for a decent piece of kabob on the Westside, I gave this place a try today.

    I had high hopes, I really did. The ice tea was brought with pieces of real mint in it - a good sign, I thought. The pickled cabbage with dill was tasty enough and the red cabbage okay, if a little bland as noted above.

    The chicken kabob arrived. First, on the positive side, let me say the kabob was made of actual pieces of freshly cooked chicken. This may not sound like much of an achievement, but after recently sampling chicken kabob "product" (i.e., pressed, pre-formed, pre-cooked chicken straight from the food processing plant and then reheated on the grill) at the awful Greek Kabob on Olympic near Bundy and then again at the awful Dunya's on Olympic at Westwood, the fact that the kabob was made with real chicken seemed like an amazing achievement. However, some, but not all, of the pieces of chicken were grisly and the kabob was not particularly flavorful. The hummus was so-so. The meal was rather pricey for what is was - over $20 with ice tea.

    All in all, another disappointing kabob experience.

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      I'm not a kabob expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I really enjoyed those I purchased from the Sinai kosher market on Pico at Shenandoah.

      Sinai Kosher Market
      8680 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

    2. Ate here for dinner for the first time and liked it a lot. Had salad plate combo and then a schwarma plate with fries. Waitress was friendly and the food was tasty and plentiful. Fries were not limp. Can't wait to return.