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Apr 7, 2009 08:58 PM

New York's First Sonic Opening in Kingston!

Moderators: After 2 days with no response on the Chains board, I'm hoping it's okay if I post this on the Tristate board, since the discussion is about Sonic and its location, not about the food at Sonic. Since this is about a small specific area of New York, people who might know something about the opening are more likely to see it here.

A friend told me the other day that a Sonic is opening in Kingston, NY (Ulster County). I did some Googling to research it, and it seems that they are hiring waitstaff and such on Craigslist, and it gives the address of where the restaurant will be located. I found another webpage on some job posting site that said something like "Sonic finally comes to New York! Hiring managers for our openings in April and July in Kingston and Wappingers Falls!" I live in Wappingers Falls, so that got me really excited!

Does anyone have any more info on Sonic opening in either of these locations? The Kingston one seems like a definite, since an address was mentioned and they seem to be actually hiring people. I'd assume that's the one opening in April.

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  1. Yes, Sonic is opening in Kingston. I don't know what the opening date is, but it can't be too far off, as construction started on the building about a month ago.

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        When I lived in Lubbock, TX for a few months there was one a block away. You pull up, park, and order and the food is brought out to you. They have the typical fast food...burgers, chicken sandwiches, but they also have hot dogs and some other offerings, including ice cream for dessert. I enjoyed their burgers. They have breakfast food as well, I really liked their bacon, egg, and cheese Toaster sandwiches. They're famous for their gigantic drinks in which you can mix and match the flavors. I always have heard good things about their cherry limeade but never tried it myself.

        1. I've been waiting for my first encounter with a Sonic! Their commercials are amazing and I was so upset that there isn't one close by! I would definitely take a road trip to experience Sonic!

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            The drinks are good, the food is pretty weak.

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              All those commercials have been driving me nuts. Why do they advertise so much in NY when we can't eat there? But I finally got to try one out in Reno last year. My fav part was that they bring the food to your car on roller skates. Not sure how that's gonna work in Kingtson when there's a foot of snow on the ground but never mind that. The burgers a good. I maybe prefer 5 guys but it's close. The drinks are good. Onions rings - not good.

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                I heard that they're going to flood the parking lot, turn it into an ice skating rink, and deliver the food on ice skates... :)

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                  The ads I see for Sonic are mainly on cable TV which is probably cheaper than advertising on network TV. I live in Los Angeles and we only had one in the area (Anaheim). I used to see those ads all the time and finally ran across one when I was traveling in New Mexico.

              2. I guess that there are Sonic lovers everywhere, but I am not one of them.

                I already have two good choices for great burgers in Kingston (Armadillo Bar and Grill and Five Guys) and doubt that Sonic will even pop up on my radar when the time comes for a casual burger.

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                  A coworker of mine just mentioned Five Guys to me today, out of the blue. I had never heard of it before. One is apparently opening soon in Poughkeepsie on Route 9. I'll be anxious to try it.