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Need a romantic restaurant to have dinner with girlfriend

It's my girlfriends birthday in less than a month and its also going to be our 1 year together. So i really want to make it special for her, is there a quality restaurant with a romantic atmosphere with excellent food i could take her out to? Thanks.

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  1. can you give us a sense of what part of the city, what price range and what types of cuisine you/she do/don't like?

    1. I always find La Palette on Augusta to be romantic and cosy.

      1. If price is of no concern, I would recommend Splendido. It has great atmosphere; cozy and with romantic lighting. The service is second to none (in Toronto). The food is also very good. If I go back to Splendido, it would be more for the experience than the food.

        1. There are lots of "romantic" posts on this board. I suggest you throw "romantic" and "dinner" into the search function and see what comes up.

          Check out these threads:

          1. Food is pretty good. But atmosphere is the main feature. The Corner House, at the foot of Casa Loma. It's a cozy restaurant.

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              Oh yes that is a good suggestion! The service there is very good and it's nice and cozy. I do not think of Splendido as romantic because it's rather cavernous. But the service does take the edge of the big space -- they make you feel very special and might help you make your honey feel special as well. On my birthday I got a little card on my place setting etc. It was nice -- they might do something similar for your occasion....you could ask.

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                Or a place like Torito of Black Hoof. Not really romantic atmosphere, but the sharing thing is nice. And who says pickled lamb tongue isn't romantic?

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                  agreed with the service at Splendido. I also got a card signed by chef and my server. Certainly would be a meal she would remember.

              2. i've seen similar requests in the past and Scaramouche seems to be suggested a lot.

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                  yeah scaramouche is good. need to get the window seat though. (can ask and arrange)

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                    I love Scaramouche but have to disagree with it as a romantic spot. The tables are really close together, to the point where you will be technically sitting closer to your neighbor than your girlfriend.

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                      I agree 100% on this. I think a restaurant like this should have more space between tables.

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                        That's true.

                        Besides Scaramouche is more of a 'special occasion' place than purely romantic. The view is nice, but apart from that, not really romantic.

                    1. Sorry forgot to mention my price range is about 100 - 120 for each of us. Or less doesnt matter. And the cuisine doesnt matter. We like to try a lot of things, thanks

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                        You would blow through that pretty quickly at Splendido (depending upon what you do about apps and wine) ... Rosebud is one of our (my wife and I) personal favorites - reasonable, cosy, casual, dark, friendly service, etc. etc., so I "third" that suggestion.

                      2. I personally find Amuse Bouche to be very romantic. I've only been twice and it's been a while since my last visit. On my first visit, the food was outstanding. I enjoyed the food my second time as well, but not quite as much. Can't comment on the current state of the food/service, but (unless there have been some renos) the vibe is distinctly romantic -- very warm and cosy. Has anyone eaten there recently?

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                          Another thread brought this to mind but Noce near Trinity Bellwoods has areas of the restaurant that have a romantic vibe and the food is quite good.