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Apr 7, 2009 07:35 PM

Of all the stores that sell bbq duck in Chinatown, which one is the tastiest?

Where should one buy it?

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  1. Don't know the name. St-laurent and Renee Levesque there's a big parking lot, then theres a grocery store, a foot massage place then a tiny hallway right next to it. They make the best BBQ duck PERIOD. Their Soy chicken is badass too. The place is tiny and crowded tough.

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    1. re: Evilbanana11

      I don't know the name either, but the place you're talking about used to house Hun Dao retaurant. Hun Dao closed and this BBQ joint opened. Its at 1065 St. Laurent.
      It is crowded...seems they could have planned a better layout...

      1. re: Evilbanana11

        Just consulted with my Chinese connections... that is THE place to get it. They didn't know the name either, but your description is right on.

        1. re: Andria

          I'm not sure, but I think it has "Lam" in its name, and the sign is red.

          1. re: nonpareils

            If I'm not mistaken, it's called Lam Kee.

      2. I think you would be amiss not to try Sun Sing Lung at 72 Lagauchetiere Tel 514-861-0815.I have tried them all and his pork and duck are tops.Let us know what you think.

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        1. re: finefoodie55

          I don't buy duck that often so don't have much to comment in that area.
          My weakness is pork and I agree with finefoodie on Sun Sing Lung; its my favorite for roast pork (they also have a killer, deboned pigs foot). Strike up a conversation with the friendly owner and ask to see his oven. Its at the back on the right hand side just beyond the doorway. If you're lucky, he'll have a whole hog cooking in that beast of an oven.

          I do get cuttlefish from time to time, but not many places have it (the ones hanging in the window). The place that burned on the corner St. Laurent/LaGauchetiere had good cuttlefish. The place mentioned above does have it, maybe the only place in Chinatown, and its pretty good.

          1. re: finefoodie55

            Unfortunately, Sun Sing Lung closed in July 2011 because the owners retired. I tried going today and was very upset to see it papered up.

          2. Both places are good -- but for different reasons.
            The "narrow hole beside the alley + foot massage" has the best Soya Chicken, by far. Not the "original" kind, but the grain fed one is the best. It is sold by pound, compared to the other one that's sold in whole, and it includes the head and feet.
            Sun Shing Lung has the best duck, it has been confirmed by the greater Chinese connections :p , but is more pricey.
            To get the best Roasted Suckling Piglet, you must try the place that is situated in the heart of Chinatown in the middle of the red-brick road on de la gauchetiere. I forgot the name but it is in front of Buffet Jade and right beside Restaurant Keung Kee.

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            1. re: Yummylicious

              To me, thats the one finefoodie55 and I are talking about, Sun Sing Lung @ 72 Lagauchetiere Tel 514-861-0815.

              1. re: porker

                Is this the one next to Patisserie M.M. Legende? I had no idea what it was called. But this is my go-to place for BBQ duck, and I absolutely agree with porker that they make excellent roast pork. Also love the BBQ pork. I could just eat that stuff straight, and have had to set limits lest none of it reach home.

                1. re: porker

                  Oops, you're right
                  It is Sun Sing Lung. I got mixed up.

              2. im not sure if it has been mentioned but i am partial to the hole in the wall on the east side of st laurent just north of de la gauchetiere. they also have the best bbq pork ever! i especially love that they hand you back your change soaking in grease and fat.

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                1. re: celfie

                  That's minus 1000000 points for hygiene standards...

                  1. re: épikurien

                    ya i guess while everyone is trying to avoid lead painted pacifiers made in china, im looking for some

                  2. re: celfie

                    Is this the grocery store next to the one that burnt down earlier in the year? The one with the upstairs part with all the kitchen tools? I have often eyed their product, but by the time I go in there, I have already stopped at Sun Sing Lung, and so I can't justify buying more. I am also intrigued by the stew-y tripe like concoction they have, but never have had the guts to get it.

                    1. re: moh

                      no its really small and kind of dark. its more towards the middle of the block.

                      1. re: moh

                        This is on the west side of St Laurent.

                        1. re: BLM

                          Doh! getting east and west confused again.

                          Celfie, if at some point in time you could post the name or the address, I'd greatly appreciate it.

                        2. re: moh

                          this place they're talking about is right across from the supermarket (Kien Vien??). This place isn't a supermarket, it's really a thin, narrow strip that only sells bbq meats

                          1. re: Yummylicious

                            I passed by this place just last night and read the name. You think I can remember the name?
                            It starts with the word "A"
                            Its something like A Sham Teng BBQ. Of course, I don't have it correct. As I mentioned above, its at 1065 St. Laurent.

                            KV is on the west side and is next to the building that burned down (we were up the street at the time and it looked pretty scary). They have a small counter selling tendon, duck, and pork.
                            Directly across the street is the A Something Something BBQ, just south of the little alley.

                            BTW, as we passed, a man came out of a commercial storefront (two doors down) which had the front newspapered up. I asked what he was opening.
                            "In a month" he said.
                            "OK, in a month but WHAT are you opening"
                            "Oh, its gonna be a lounge, beer, wine, pool tables."
                            I always felt Chinatown should have a nice lounge. There's the Holiday Inn, but its somewhat antiseptic. There used to be a hole in the wall on De la Gauchetiere west of St. Urbain, but it was really a hole.
                            This new place doesn't exactly sound swish with pool tables, but we'll see, I guess.

                            1. re: porker

                              I think there will be a nice lounge in Chinatown when the new complex is finished.

                          2. re: moh

                            I think the stewy tripe you're referring to is fat brisket and tendon - not too foreign relative to actual tripe...! :)

                        3. Sun SIng Lung all the way! Been going there since I was a kid and they haven't failed me yet. They can pack up a nice duck and rice too for a tasty meal.