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Lunch spots in the midcities (HEB)?

I'm working off central and TX 10. My co-workers and I are looking for good places to lunch. Please help!

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  1. I have some clients in that general area so I think I can offer a few decent ideas.

    Miguelito's Mexican Restaurant 209 W Bedford Euless Rd, Hurst, TX 76053 This is an old diner gets really crowded for lunch. I have seen Harrison Ford here, something about a helicopter he bought nearby. The spinach enchiladas are really super fantastic, but otherwise its a nice homey inexpensive lunch.

    North Main BBQ 406 N Main St, Euless, TX I have previously endorsed this place, but went back more recently (last Saturday) and it is not nearly as wonderful... but still has its merits. They stopped serving leg quarters (don't care for the breast here as it is dry). I asked why and the owner said that he couldn't get good quarters. Well, don't buy it but if thats his story he can have it. The reason to go here is for their ribs,. Moist and meaty and to hear them talk, award winning. The brisket could have a little more fat going on, but otherwise it had a nice smoke ring and generally delicious. This is a Friday and Saturday only deal and its buffet style, but you can order some of the items ala cart.

    Joe's Pizza & Pasta 1060 N Main St, #100, Euless, TX Any of the Joe locations are good. You can get a slice of a nice thin NY style pizza, or one of the many pasta dishes. Overall very good quality at a low lunch price.

    Thai Restaurant 465 W Harwood Rd, Hurst I have this place listed in my phone as simply Thai restaurant. the address is right though... Nice small Thai joint that is fast and cheap for lunch in that area you need. I have only had the green Thai curry, and it was very good the day I was there. They use the 1-5 spicy guage, and I went 5. It was pretty medium in spiciness.

    Texas Star Golf Course - Raven Grill 1400 Texas Star Pky, Euless, TX 76040 Nice golf course, and has a fantastic restaurant. I played there opening day, and since maybe 7 or 8 times. I almost always get the chicken fried steak. It is a larger-than-plate-portion, hand made and an amazing gravy and potato side. I have also had their catfish, also home made and served sizzling and tasty. They also have a breakfast that is quite amazing. Attended a conference in their small center and it was served buffet style. Amazing find for a municiple course. Since there are so few decent spots in this area, it probably is the best choice.

    There is a place called Burger Box that is also fairly close from 10 on Industrial and Harwood. I seem to remember it was a converted Dairy Queen. Pretty damned good burger and onion rings.

    Seems to me that the Luby's nearby is the last hold out for the all-you-can-eat styles for this company. Same food. Eh.

    Not exactly a hotbed of restaurants, there are some chains nearby. I figure you can find those. Read here that a new Indian place opened up and is quite close to where you are looking. I am sure the people that actually live there can better educate us both, but these are my references I have from the past. I personally couldnt work in an office where I had a limited time for lunch, and such limited choices. I suggest a new job with better restaurants nearby!

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      Thanks for all the options -- I'm going to try a few of them out and get back to you!

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        DallasDude - Thanks for the reviews. I am over in Hurst a decent amount through out the year for work and I never know where to go except for all the chain restaurants on the south side of the mall. Chipotle is ok and all but much better to know about some more local restaurants.

      2. I think that at or very near that intersection is an Italian restaurant called Napolis. I've never eaten there, but there is a same name restaurant in downtown Grapevine that's pretty good (not exceptional) for both pastas and pizza. Unless you just want to brave it, you could call the one in GV to see if they're the same. If they are, I'd say it's worthy of a lunch visit. I don't remember the name of the dish that I like, but it includes pasta, chicken, spinach, artichoke hearts, and a white sauce (that they claim to be Alfredo, but it's not - still, it's very good with the other ingredients).

        Raven is pretty good, but for lunch, with tip, you'll probably hit the $10 mark - maybe a little more. See a link to the menu at:

        For Mexican, there is a strip center at Central/183. Lupe's is very good and family owned - located on the SE side of the center. Lunches begin @ 5.49 and go to around 6.99. Chips, salsa and black bean dip are served to start. Facing 183, but in the same center is Chili's and Jason's.

        For country style plate lunches, there is Dixie House Cafe (NO affilitation to Dixie House in Dallas) with a couple of locations in FW (where they started). They are located just east of Westpark Way (intersects 10) on the 183 EB service road. If you have ever been to Mama's Daughter's in Dallas, this place is very similar, with daily menus - ie, meats and vegetables change by the day, although very good chicken fried steak and I think meatloaf are served every day. Burgers and a couple of other sandwiches are also on the menu along with nachos and such. Plate lunches are in the 7.00+ range.

        Just east on 10, turn left onto 157/Industrial Blvd, travel about 3/4 mile and see NYPD (New York Pizza and Deli) on the left. Great sandwiches and I've heard good things about the pizza. Continue east on 157 under 183, turn left onto service road and see a stand-alone, parking lot drive-thru/walk-up Billadelphia's with MORE great sandwiches. You can do a Texas search on either or see comments on both at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3554...

        As to Burger Box, like Napolis, if its related to the BB at Harwood and 157, yep, it's a pretty good burger. And a note on N. Main BBQ - they're only open Fri - Sun. The Indian/Paki place in Euless is also on N. Main, less that a mile north of 183 on the west side of the street. It's name: Masala Masala.

        If you have an hour for lunch, you could probably make Al's hamburgers in that time. From 10, go south on 157 (hope you catch the green lights) to Green Oaks Blvd - on the NE corner. Great (thin) old drive-in style burgers.

        Good luck!

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          Location correction: Lupes is on the WEST side (faces Central) of the shopping center which is on the SEC of 183/Central.

        2. I work at Hurstview and TX 10.

          Napoli's (Raider and TX 10) is good for pizza and other Italian.

          Sweet Basil Thai (Melbourne just north of Pipeline) has pretty good Thai food.

          Thai Papaya Garden (Industrial & 183 in Euless) also has good Thai and good lunch specials. Service can be a bit slow.

          Miss Saigon Vietnamese (Melbourne, just north of Pipeline, across from Sweet Thai Basil) has good Pho and other Vietnamese dishes.

          Golden Bowl (Chinese) (same shopping center as Miss Saigon) has pretty decent Chinese for the area, the best being their "make your own stir fry) lunch special.

          If you like hamburgers, there are two gas stations that serve pretty good ones. The first is on US 10, just west of Bell Helicopter (between Bellaire and Brown Trail) and the other is at Trinity and Precinct Line. You can't eat at either place, but it's good for take out.

          MK Sushi (Central & Airport Fwy) has very good sushi and great bento boxes for lunch. I also like their chicken teriyaki. If you get there after 12, it will be jam packed.

          For decent sandwiches, hit up NYPD Deli (Industrial near 183 in Euless). I like their subs, but not too keen on their pizza.

          Those are the places we tend to frequent, along with a few chains. Let me know if you need more, or if you want to venture a bit further away (a few places in Euless, but further away)

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            A few additions and one clarification.

            The gas station with the burgers on Hwy 10 is a Chevron. The sign simply says SPICE.

            There is a Burger Box on the corner of Pipeline and Raider/Central.

            Also, look into Verna's Cafe in Euless (on 10, near Ector) for home-cooked diner food.

            If you speak Spanish, there is a small authentic Mexican place on Bellaire next to a laundromat (I'm sorry, I don't know the name of it). They don't speak very good English, so if you don't know Spanish, you'll have to point. They have great specials, extremely authentic Mexican food and serve very good gorditas for .99 on Wednesdays.

            At Pipeline and Precinct Line, there is a large shopping center on the southwest corner with a big antique mall. Inside the antique mall is a great little tea room with homemade soups and sandwiches. I can't remember the name of it either (I'm so sorry!)

            If you like salad bars, go to Souper Salad (in the same center as Golden Bowl and Miss Saigon on Melbourne). They have a large salad bar, soups, breads and some other items. I just go for the salad.

            I notice someone suggested Lupe's at Central & Airport Fwy and I had a really good lunch there recently.

          2. My husband works over there and he's always running out of options.

            I must say, I love meeting him at Italianni's (www.italiannishurst.com), just north of 183 on Precinct Line. I crave the pan seared tilapia on a bed of giant couscous with fried spinach leaves. Lunch prices are reasonable, there's never much of a wait, and they have more than your typical pasta dishes.

            1601 Precinct Line Rd, Hurst, TX

            1. OH!! You're also very close to one of my favorite sushi places of all time: Piranha. They're just a few miles down 157 (which becomes Collins in Arlington). They have a great bento box at lunch, and their specialty rolls are wonderful if you want to add a little extra. I do love their hawaiian white tuna. Neither their miso soup nor their salad are anything special, so don't be disappointed if you eat those first.

              1601 Precinct Line Rd, Hurst, TX

              Piranha Killer Sushi
              851 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006

              1. You pretty much hit all the decent places in HEB. I live in Hurst and have for a while. I'll throw in a few of our favorites. M.K's Sushi, near Jason's, Dukes Roadhouse, etc in the shopping center at Central and Airport Freeway is very good. There is a small Lebanese place on Brown Trail, just North of Harwood, just past Soprano's Pizza. Both are good and reasonable. For Indian, try Masai Masai on North Main, in Euless. Just across from North Main BBQ. Alvarado's Mexican, 5000 Davis Blvd, NRH has killer Burritos.

                All these should keep you busy for a while.

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                  Last time I drove past I noticed Dukes was out of business but replaced with some other happy place. I am a fan of the Addison Duke's (mainly for people watching and their cheap pitchers of beer since the food is extremely medium and Sysco Foods inspired), but the Mid Cities location was always run abysmally. I have no clue what the new place is, we need to send in a mole to check it out!

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                    Not sure where you're getting your info, but Duke's is still open....... and flourishing. In the early evenings, the whole parking lot is packed - and it's a very large parking lot. In that same quadrant is also Chili's and Jason's Deli, but be certain, it’s not their long standing existence that draws the recent crowds.

                    As you mentioned, I believe there is a relatively new place open in the same strip. Off-hand, I don't recall the name, but I think it carries one that conjures up "sports bar" imagery. I’ll be driving 183 this afternoon and if I remember will take a look-see for the name.

                    But for truly good food, drive around to the west side of this strip shopping center and chow at Lupe's for some good Mexican. Just don't order their standard rita. They're very weak.

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                      I drove by maybe 3 weeks ago and it looked like a totally new place and name. My bad if this isnt the case. I know Buffalo Wild Wings next door was to move across the freeway. Perhaps I saw what took its place. Never wish to misinform, and if I did I will suffer a Happy Meal lunch for 3 days.

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                        I'll have to go check it out. Didn't make it by today.

                        BWW made it's move across the street a couple of months ago. A while back, the mgr at the Grapevine location told me Duke's was just too much competion - for customers and parking spaces.

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                          The new place right next door to Duke's is called Boomer Jack's. Its a small chain wing place. The wings are nothing to write home about, but they have some tasty loaded cheese fries and some better than average spicy catfish. That particular location has a porch and cheap beer. Its like Duke's Jr.

                          1. re: down73

                            We really like Boomerjacks. For a bar, and compared to Duke's, they have great food. We have even been there on occasion and not drank, just ate lunch. Killer Onion rings. One time it was so crowded that there was nowhere to sit, so we went next door to Dukes and it was empty. Wonder how long they will compete.

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                          (817) 354-1002 answers "DUKES".

                          But please - if you're talking the commercially known "Happy Meal", DO spare yourself that punishment. ;)

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                            ahh well i was spotting from the freeway... not too bad an eye from 300 meters for a chowhound at 65 mph. For punishment I will take 3 new people to dim sum at Kirin tomorrow around noon (Thursday). If you are there I will invite you to the table and pay as well.

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                              Thanks for the invite - perhaps next time.....

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                      I'll second the recommendation for Sweet Basil, North Main BBQ, and I was going to post about Al Wadi (Greek & Lebanese, about 1 mile North of 121, on Brown Trail). I've been really impressed with them, since I don't think I've had anything not good yet, and most of the food is great, maybe venturing into awesome. Prices are reasonable, the owner is really friendly, and manages to get both the Greek & the Middle-Eastern right.

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                        The Greek/Lebanese place on Brown Trail is Al Wadi Cafe.

                      2. LaBella Italian (SWC Harwood/Central - Bedford) may be a bit far for your lunch hour, but for others, or if ever you have an extended lunch hour for a special event - b'day, anniversary, etc - you may want to look at this place as your destination.

                        It's been a number of years since I've been and then, only once (not sure why I haven't been back), so I don't recall what I ordered. I do remember the entree being very good, but the salad (greens) had seen a better day. It's definitely a neighborhood eatery and given its longevity, the "neighbors" must be very pleased with their options of daily specials or of designing their own fare.

                        The interior of the restaurant is small (a mirrored wall enlarges it's "feel"), dimly lit and intimate - casually upscale but hardly pretentious. The service was attentive without being intrusive. I believe they have a full bar. Is it worth a lengthy drive? No, but if you live in the area, it's definitely worth a stop for lunch or dinner.

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                          After a bad experience with a very greasy burger and bun 3 or 4 years ago, I ventured back to the Burger Box in Euless yesterday - Harwood @ 157. Excellent chili burger! The chili was cooked down to nearly a paste - Had lots of flavor with more heat than is normally found on burger chili. I didn't have it fully dressed and I did bring it home to eat, but it is the only "chili" burger that I would venture to eat while driving - the chili was that cooked down.

                        2. I have another to add to the list. Saviano's in Euless. It's on Euless Main, across from the Sonic and near Main St. BBQ.

                          Decent Italian food, thin crust pizza with actual homemade dough. A number of lunch specials. My husband had the lasagna which he said was good. Their red sauce is very basic and tasted primarily of tomato, not many herbs. Still tasty though. My pizza with tomato and fresh basil was very good. Entrees come with garlic knots and a basic tossed salad.

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                            FWIW, a friend who lives out this way is from Long Island City - pretty much eats her Italian here exclusively due to the tomato-y tasting entrees not being overridden with other herbs and spices.

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                              Just came back from my first experience with Saviano's. 2 good sized meatballs were served with an excellent tomato sauce and a choice of pasta's. As QB said, the sauce is a basic tomato sauce - light and fresh tasting. The meatballs were dense, moist and tasty with seasoning, but not overwhelming. This was a generous portion served with salad and garlic knots for $8.95.

                              Upon leaving, I saw a pizza and will definitely be back to give one a try. The crust was thin and bubbled/blistered at the edge which I found to be very tempting. They have a pizza lunch special - 2 slices of cheese or pepperoni, a small salad and beverage for $6.95.

                              They serve large catering trays of most, if not all entrees (holidays are coming....) For anyone who cares, they have a full-sevice bar.

                              Saviano's Italian Restaurant
                              300 N Main St, Euless, TX 76039

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                                Re: Saviano's tomato sauce. After 2 visits about a month apart, I have to retract my earlier praises. The spaghetti is now drowned in a watery out-of-the-can tasting sauce.

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                                  I found a much better Italian spot near Saviano's. Here is my Yelp review:

                                  Great NY style pizza served in a very modest and casual Italian restaurant setting. Not a typical pizzeria where you can see the guy making the pizza and the ovens. It has a small dining room with waiter service. Wonderful fresh baked bread with dipping oil mixed with fresh herbs served with meals. Great prices. Diverse menu and specials. The owner started cooking in Italian neighborhood restaurants at age 16 in Rome, Italy. Later in New York, he cooked at a number of neighborhood institutions like Seven Brothers at the corner of Church and Flatbush in Brooklyn, Angelo's in Little Italy, and Ray's in Manhattan. This place is the real deal.

                                  Lizzano's Pizza
                                  2390 Fuller Wiser Rd Ste 512, Euless, TX 76039

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                                    Thanks. I know where that is, but have never tried it. It's definitely closer to me. Thought it was probably part of the "Joe's" group of pizza/pasta houses.

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                                      This sounds great. I'll have to check it out.

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                                        I'd highly recommend getting a fresh pie over ordering a slice. They have 3 sizes. The slices are just cheese slices reheated and they add your toppings and some fresh cheese on it. Also, the prices at this place are insanely cheap. For $4.99 you can get a pasta (lasagna, etc) lunch with a salad and fresh bread. All the entrees are sub $10 too. This place is a hidden gem.

                                1. I had to go to Euless for work on a recent Wednesday, and used the suggestions on this post as my lunchtime dining guide. First stop: North Main BBQ. Turns out, the place is only open Fri-Sat-Sun. (Interesting business plan: four-day weekend.) Ate at Saviano's. Pizza looked pretty good, but I opted for the eggplant parm, which was tasty in a basic-red-sauce-Italian way. The side of ziti was forgettable. While not haute cuisine, it was certainly superior to the fast-food options that seem to dominate that area.