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Apr 7, 2009 06:03 PM

Chicago Happy Hour!!!

Chicago Happy Hour!!!

I am looking for a good Happy hour around Chicago area, good prices and good appetizers.

Thanks everyone.


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  1. What part of the city or suburbs? Chicago is a big city; surely you want something close to where you are spending time! The more specific you can be with a location - i.e. not just "downtown" - the better we can provide recommendations in the immediate vicinity.

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      I will have a car and I donĀ“t mind to drive...

      I will be staying in th Hyatt near the Convention center.

      Thanks for your help :)

    2. FYI: State law prohibits happy hour for alcohol. Not for food, though.

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      1. re: rubinow

        Ok, I am looking for good prices and good apetizers.

      2. I recommend going to Sidebar. The food is ok, but the specials are well priced:

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        1. re: mmilanam

          Thats what I am looking for good drink specials and good half price apetizers.

          Thanks for mention it.

        2. I heard that they have good choices in the area of the Bulls stadium???

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            1. re: delk

              Great choices thank you for sharing...

          1. Hm, I'd think there would be more choices near the two baseball parks, not so much right around the United Center where the Bulls play (near, sure, but not nearly as near as there are pubs and such close by to the ball parks).

            Also, cabs are plentiful and our public transit system is very good. Please utilize it when you plan to be drinking ;)

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            1. re: leek

              Do you have any personal favorite??

              1. re: josephml1

                No - I'm not much of a Happy Hour person (and, as noted, Chicago's not much on Happy Hour due to the laws). Just happen to work nearish to United Center, and there's not too much right close around there. I do have some places I like to go get a drink and have good food/snacks, but if you're looking for bargains, I can't help you there :)