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Downtown Oakland, pre-show dinner

I haven't been in Downtown Oakland in over 20 years... but 4 of us will be going to see Leonard Cohen at the Paramount next week. Is there anyplace nearby we can get a meal before the show?

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  1. Plenty of places these days. Depends on what you want, but there is Luka's tap room at Grand and Broadway (the Paramount is at 19th and Broadway). Flora is just a block or so away, Pican just opened across grand from Luka's. There is also Pho 84 on 17th between Franklin and Webster (about 2.5 blocks away).

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      You might also consider Franklin Square Wine Bar, across the street from Luka's, and owned and operated by the same folks. Calmer than Luka's, if you're not into a loud, happening scene.

      Franklin Square Wine Bar
      2212 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

    2. Ozumo, Pican.


      Pican Restaurant
      2295 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

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          You know it's doggone confusing. Even the Chamber of Commerce blurb announcing a dinner there says Ozuma in the heading and Ozumo in the body. Whatever, it's across Grand from Luka. The o is correct and I have inserted the link with the reviews.

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          Luka's Taproom
          2221 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

          2251 Broadway Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612

        3. There's also Vo's. Wherever you go, make a reservation, nearby places are usually packed when there's something at the Paramount.

          Vo's Restaurant
          59 Grand Avenue, Oakland, ca

          1. thanks for the info; CHOWHOUND ROCKS, it never lets me down and very rarely steers me to a bad meal!!!

            1. Here's a related thread from a month or two back. The Fox is a block away
              from the Paramount:

              If you haven't been there in that long, sitting outside at Franklin Square with a
              glass of wine and a snack after the show will probably provide the most
              jarring "omg, what country am I in!?!" experience if the weather's nice.

              1. Where did you end up?

                Thanks to this thread, we had a great dinner at Franklin Square Wine Bar before the show. Excellent charcuterie esp the duck pate and prosciutto and a delectable tartine with asparagus, cheese, and a warm egg. (I'm checking out their menu online to try to remember what else we had besides the meatballs and boquerones and nearly everything on the menu is different, only one week later).

                Interesting, well-priced list of wines by the glass and half-glass, friendly, competent service with good pacing. Our only complaint was the plates are too small. 5 of us ate well, including dessert, a glass of wine each, and tax and tip for $150.

                I'd go back in a minute. The emphasis on service seems to have moved across the street from Luka's, where my last two experience left much to be desired. Great place for snacks or a real meal, although we didn't try any of the entrees. And of course Leonard Cohen was transcendent.

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                  I've always found the service at Luka's a bit scattered.