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Apr 7, 2009 05:47 PM

Ice cream maker? - Vancouver

I'm looking to buy an ice cream maker. I checked Sears and The Bay without much expectation (no luck). Does anyone know a good place with some selection?

Also, any recommendations for a model you like?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Ming Wo is my go to spot for kitchenware. They list Donvier as a brand they carry... I've had great success with this model:

    1. Forum Appliances is another good place. They have a few locations (Crystal Mall and a couple of others). Their Chinatown location is called "International Plumbing & Electrical Supplies Inc."

      They carry Cuisinart brand. (They sell a $300 Cuisinart ice cream maker which has its own compressor/cooling unit and a $90 one similar to the Donvier Peter linked to).

      Costco is often a good bet for appliances. London Drugs as well.

      1. Thanks :) I will go check those places. I need to get one before mango season is over!

        1. I'm from Calgary so can't address the where part of your question but Cooks Illustrated reviewed ice cream makers and named the Cuisinart winner. They also liked the Kitchenaid attachment. In Calgary the Whirlpool parts place has Kitchenaid attachments. I'm not sure if the companies have a connection in all cities but you might want to consider an attachment if you have a Kitchenaid mixer. The downside is the bowl has to be frozen first.

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            I forgot about the Kitchenaid attachment! That came free with a mixer my Mom got this past summer as some sort of promo. It has essentially replaced the Donvier. The results are quite tasty.

          2. I got an electric Cuisinart "Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet" maker a number of years ago from Costco and have had no complaints and have made lots of great ice cream and sorbet. Yes, the bowl must reside in your freezer most of the time, taking up precious room, but in winter I just leave it outside...I live in Alberta!