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Apr 7, 2009 05:35 PM

Bryan's BBQ - Cave Creek

Bryan's just opened last week after a long wait. Wife and I went there the other day. We both had pulled pork sandwiches. I had the olive cole slaw, great, and she had potato salad(greater). With every order you get a bread and butter jalapeno (greatest).

Bryan's Barbecue
6130 Cave Creek Road
Cave Creek
415 575-7155


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  1. Stopped in and purchased 1lb of pulled pork and a container of bread and butter jalapenos to go. Rolls were provided at no extra charge and we got some extra little containers of the spicy sauce. Just finished lunch and can't wait to go back again. We made 2 1/2 sandwiches and still have a little left over. Jalapenos were great! We all waited a long time for the doors to finally open but it has been worth the wait! I really want to try the olive cole slaw, maybe next time.

    1. Well, I stopped by Bryan's today. The lady at the counter (think she was an owner) was very, very nice. The shop is very nice.

      I ordered a whole chicken and a pint of olive cole slaw to go. I ate as soon as I got home, so the chicken was still warm. It was quite bad. Tasted like a cooked chicken from a bad grocery store with really bad bbq sauce on it. The cole slaw tasted like the crappy stuff at a bad grocery store deli with the addition of some black olives.

      Who knows, maybe it was an off day...but I don't think so. I drive by this location frequently and never smelled anything being bbq'ed. So....I hate to think it, but I do think it was pre made stuff from the Fry's down the street, re-packaged.

      Hope I'm wrong, and if anyone tries this place and likes it....I'll give it another shot.

      I was so hoping for a decent place to go in Cave Creek. Pickins are slim up here....well other than Binkley's and San Soucci. Hate to say it but Bryans was as bad as Harolds and that is pretty durn bad.

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        I'm with you. This place needs serious improvement.

        I've been once and that was quite enough for me. I went because I have a buddy who has been there twice - and only twice. He had mentioned that he really wanted to like it but it just fell short in all areas. They offer fried egg on their sandwiches, which I'm all about. Both times he ordered it the egg was over-hard. I mean really - what's the point in that? Second time he specifically requested the egg to be over-easy and it was still cooked through.

        As for me, I tried it just to see if perhaps it was an off day or two. I also specifically requested the egg over-easy ( should I *really* need to, though? ) and it was close to being cooked through. I had the brisket and the meat itself was just okay, but I agree with the reheated Fry's comment. I've certainly had better in BBQ chains ... Dickey's and Shane's to be exact. The cole slaw that everyone raves about is extremely dry and flavorless - unless you count olive as an acceptable cole slaw flavor. I'm not knocking the olive for being there per se, but I just don't get it. If you want to be different then fine, but this is just bad. The sauce was nothing special either. I've made much better at home and I'm not even close to thinking of myself as a chef. The only thing I even came close to enjoying was the potato salad which was fine but is that enough to redeem? Not for me. However, I'm sure the tourists will eat it up so I wouldn't expect much to change - and that's absolutely fine.

        Elmo - have you tried Tonto Bar & Grill and/or Cartwright's? They have the same owner and I really enjoy both places. It's not ground-breaking food but it's certainly tasty IMO. I've never been to San Soucci but, then again I never really hear anyone talk about or recommend it either.

        1. re: azbirdiemaker

          I love those places too, Binkley's and Cartwright's, but do you guys realize your comparing apples to jalepenos??? Those other places charge $30 a plate, Bryan's is $8! Also, the owners at Bryan's are always in the dining room talking to us, I'm sure they'd like to hear they overcooked your egg, let them know. I suppport this style of business where the owner takes an interest in their customers. I'll be back next week.

          1. re: peevlonia

            I can't speak for Elmo, but I certainly wasn't trying to compare a restaurant whose chef trained at The French Laundry and The Inn at Little Washington to a BBQ joint.

            He had mentioned a couple places up in Cave Creek and I thought I'd ask about a couple others. Probably the wrong place to do so.

          2. re: azbirdiemaker

            Yes, I've tried Tonto B&G and Cartwrights. Both have the nicest atmosphere and the wait staff are top notch. I don't eat red meat, so am limited to veggies/chicken/fish...they were mediocre in my very humble opinion. Although I recall the green chile mac and cheese was very good at Cartwrights. I'm no expert, but the chicken up here in Carefree/Cave Creek tastes like frozen.

            Oh...gosh. Do try San Soucci if it opens again. It ain't ground breaking, but it's such a lovely little old school French place. Just go...and thank me later! It's a hoot.

            Re: the egg thing. Have you tried the torta place on 7th...used to be La Pressa Torta. Man they do the soft egg on the sandwich nicely.

            Back to the topic at hand...I drive by this place A LOT. No smoke. No smell.

            But, hey....Like I said in my first post....the place was very nice. The lady at the register, very nice.

            Anyone had the chicken here lately?

            1. re: Elmo

              "...Do try San Soucci if it opens again..."

              Elmo - I adore Sans Souci! What's this about? We haven't been out to Arizona since Memorial Day, but we usually get to Sans Souci at least once during every visit. I know it's not the greatest French food in the world - I live in NYC, but it's such a cute, little place, with traditional service and its classic French menu. Have they closed? That would be so sad.

        2. My husband and I went to Bryan's and thought it was fantastic. I had the brisket and pulled pork plate, they were both excellent, the brisket was out of this world. Husband had the ribs and pulled pork. He thought the ribs were great as was the pork. We had the beans, potato salad and the cole slaw, all were very good. I will have to try the bread and butter jalapenos next time. I was so happy to hear that this place opened up in Cave Creek as there aren't that many places to go. I would definitely recommend this place if you are in the mood for bbq.

          1. Yum. I love Bryan's. I'm addicted to the vinegar in the sauce. I know it's not everyone's taste but it's definately mine. I'm so glad it's not a pricey restaurant! I need to feed my addiction at least once a week. The sliced brisket sandwich is my favorite, and all the sides are second on my list. The caesar salad is amazing. I know fine dining and I can taste it in Bryan's down to earth menu, I taste multi layers of flavor in every item I've tried so far. Great job Bryan. This place isn't your middle of the road bbq joint. It's interesting and it's cool. Arizona needs less chains and more interesting places like Bryan's. I'm hungry again and I was just there Saturday!!

            1. Not to highjack the thread but, My most favorite BBQ is Texas from around Austin. It's heavy on brisket and hot sausage and smoke. Has any BBQ fan found that kind of it in the valley?