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Apr 7, 2009 05:17 PM

PDX: Who is Hot, NOW? beast, pigeon, gris, paley?

I have one shot at a great meal in Portland. Whose menu is tasting really good right now (early April 2009)?

Sel Gris
Le Pigeon

I have eaten at most. They are always excellent, but each season someone's menu is really on target and above the others...Some trips i can do 3-4, but this one is short and i can only do 1..... so sad.....


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  1. I think Ten01 with the new chef is great!

    I also love Carlyle.

    1. Ten01 is shaping up to be exciting in a month or so! Its always a good sign to be constantly running into the Chef, Sous and GM at every farmers market talking to vendors and really geeking out! The menu is evolving quickly and should be at a frenetic pace shortly.

      Beast, from what I hear is great. Be prepared for eating her way, not yours.

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      1. re: nkeane

        From, i gather that the PSU Saturday market is the only one running this early?? is that true?? nothing on Wed/Thurs?

        1. re: Epicurean

          true, but by months end, most markets are up and running. Including the midweek and sunday markets around town. That being said, Even the PSU market right now is pretty sparse.

      2. Carlyle and Le Pigeon are my votes. I ate at both last time I was in PDX and had wonderful meals.

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        1. re: Green Eggs and Ham

          I have heard good things about the mixology at Carlye.... I have had some wonderful creations from Park Kitchen's bartenders

          1. re: Epicurean

            FYI, Carlyle's former bartender is now working at Clyde Common...

            I'd go Toro Bravo, personally.

            1. re: JillO

              Jill-O what say you about Carlyle these days, I know you were once a great fan.

              1. re: Mallory

                I was and I love those guys (and hate to say this, really I do), but lately I have had much better meals at Wildwood, Sel Gris, ten-01 and Toro Bravo. I am not as thrilled with the current chef, I mourn the loss of a couple of great bartenders, and the menus have not really called out to me lately.

                And frankly, Toro Bravo is a much better value for the dollar (and less expensive overall), which is more important these days than in the past.

                I just knew you were gonna ask one of these days Mallory! ;o)

                If you had a great meal there recently, though, I'd love to hear about it...

                1. re: JillO

                  Thanks for sharing, I was curious.

                  I'll be going into Carlyle soon and I'll report back. I also will be going to Ten-01 and Toro Bravo in the same short period, entertaining an LA visitor, so it'll be an interesting contrast I'm sure.

                  1. re: Mallory

                    It would be cool if you made a separate thread and review all of 'em together, like the visitors usually do. I think it will make for an interesting compare/contrast... Looking forward to it.

                    And I think I am taking my own advice and doing Toro Bravo tonight... ;o)

                    1. re: JillO

                      Look for it in two weeks!

                      Enjoy Toro Bravo tonight!

        2. Paley's menu looks amazing and the execution is always flawless.

          1. I had a pretty rockin' meal at Sel Gris this week - essentially everything on the menu was appealing - I ended up starting with the asparagus-chevre soup garnished with pork belly, and a pork chop. Dessert was OK-but-not-worth-raving-about, but I left feeling really well-fed.

            I had a couple of excellent dishes @ Clyde Common as well, including some really rockin' offal ravioli.