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Apr 7, 2009 03:36 PM

Pinot Noir - Food Pairing Recommendations Needed


I need some help with figuring out what kind of food to pair with Pinot Noir. Does steak pair well?

I ask because a good friend of mine recently spent some time roaming the Willamette Valley and picked up a bunch of different bottles of Pinot Noir. He's coming to my house so we can taste. In trade, I have to cook him dinner. If I prepare steak (filet, ny, or porterhouse), will it pair well?

There's a butcher near my house that supplies great prime beef. That's one reason I'm trying to cook steaks. The other is that I'm most competent on the grill and I won't have to jump through very many hoops to prepare a good meal.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Note: I posted this in the general Chow forum but thought that the Winehounds might have some great insight regarding my dilemma. Thanks!

  1. depends on the pinot since some can be very extracted. although that's more typical of california pinots than those from willamette. more traditionally it would pair very well with duck or game birds and also salmon.

    1. The original comment has been removed