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Apr 7, 2009 02:41 PM

Help in Akron

I'll be in Akron w/ friends for a few days in June and would like to find some good food. The posts I have found are almost a year old so I'd like some new thoughts. Nothing in the expensive catagory but any other ideas (ethnic, deli, small spots and "interesting") are welcome.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned Chrissie Hynde's vegan restaurant -VegiTerranean.

    1. You can eat for a week just on interesting burger joints in Akron. We're one of several cities to claim ownership of the burger, thanks to Menches Brothers (still in existence, two locations including one in the Double-A baseball stadium downtown).

      Other burger spots:
      Louie's on Tallmadge Avenue, which consistently wins "best burger" polls.
      Swensons (several locations) and Sky-Way (West Market in Fairlawn), rival drive-ins, each with its own fan base.
      Fairly new on the scene is Metro Burger, on West Market in the funky Highland Square neighborhood. You pick up a clipboard at the entrance and design your own burger, choosing type of meat, toppings, bun, cheese, condiments.

      Beyond burgers, for really interesting food try Crave, downtown across the street from the Akron Art Museum.

      For very old-fashioned red-sauce Italian, Luigi's just north of downtown has been in business for more than 50 years and there's still a line out the door on many nights. If you get the "Funky Winkerbean" comic strip, this is the place Montoni's is based on. It is not at all hip and trendy.. just Ital-American comfort food.

      VegiTerranean, next door to Luigi's, is very good but probably lands in the "expensive category."

      If you like small plates, Downtown 140 in Hudson is terrific, creative food but can also get expensive.

      Two good choices on Cleveland-Massillon Road in Ghent/Bath Township area:

      Gasoline Alley has excellent home cooking/deli food.

      Down the street, if you want some authentic Italian antipasto, Ken Stewart just opened a new place called Tre Belle that has a jaw-dropping antipasto bar. Best calamari I've ever had, perfect texture. Lots of different grilled veggies, roasted olives (sounds odd but tastes great), and excellent pizza. It can get pricey, but my husband and I usually split an antipasto and a pizza and get out of there not feeling TOO poor.

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        Ive never heard of Metro Burger, but I'll have to try it.

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          ^^2nd the suggestion for Luigi's. Very good pizza. Cash only.

        2. Try Lannings in Akron. Old world steakhouse

          1. OH!! How could I have forgotten the Lockview? Excellent cheap eats with a side of kitsch (you can get Tater Tots instead of fries, and Pop Tarts with gourmet raspberry drizzle as a dessert).

            The specialty is grilled cheese, a dozen very different combinations. My favorite is the sharp Cheddar with bacon and apples. They also have an extensive beer selection and a creative wine-by-the-glass list that encourages you to step outside the cab/chardonnay box.

            It's on South Main downtown, across the street from Lock 3 Park and the Civic Theatre, and only a block away from the baseball stadium. And the patio will be opening soon, which should be very nice in June.

            1. Consider the New Era for Eastern European, Primo's Deli for good deli sandwiches, Larry's for cheap good burgers. barefootgirl made some good recs too.