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Apr 7, 2009 01:38 PM

Lunch in Todos Santos

Next weekend I will be in Los Cabos. My husband, myself and another couple plan to head up to Todos Santos for the day and are looking for a terrific place to have lunch. I've seen a few ideas, any more? Thanks!

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  1. Dont recall the name but on the main street left hand side as your heading into town past the Hotel California is a little restaurant with a couple of wooden tables out front. Deliciouns seafood, family run! Again cant remember the name but for traditional mexican on the parrelel street south on the corner towards the highway across from a park is restaurant thjat starts with an F? also great, sorry about the bad memory but if you ask you'll find. Also coming into town on the left side of the highway is a little stand for carnitas i believe its called michoacan carnitas.

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    1. re: mick

      I appreciate the help, but on this occasion we're looking for something that is more than just a few picnic tables and something that is more than a "stand" type of place. Not that we have any objection if it's just us, but not on this particular outing.

      Beach Chick...I saw your rec of Cafe Santa Fe, but we'd prefer to stick to Mexican. Any other ideas?

      We've also had Hotel California suggested to us? What's the story on that place?

      Again, many thanks for the help!

      1. re: kwe730

        totally understand but you must go and at least have drinks at Cafe Santa Fe..the property is stunning!
        I have been for guac and marg's where mick is talking about and it's excellent.
        Hotel California was still in disarray when we were there and the surrounding area had a continuous loop of the Eagles soundtrack playing.
        Friends love Hotel Posada La Poza for lunch..

    2. Love Café Santa Fé..gorgoeus 1850's Spanish building..serves Northern Italian food.
      Lovely patio if you just want drinks and app's too..
      Todos Santos is such a great spot..very tropical and artsy..

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        The place with a few table soutside has indoor seating it is the best mexican restaurant in todos santos but it does specialize nin seafood. The other place mentiuoned staarting with an F is the best traditional mexican in TS. Many others are tourist rip offs

        1. re: mick

          I have lived in Todos Santos for eight years - we who live here eat very differently than tourists - which is likely true of many places. We can't afford to eat at Santa Fe unless a visitor takes us but it is certainly reliably good. The service at La Poza is appalling and the quality of the food doesn't warrant the prices. Go for a drink at sunset. Hotel California food is all over the place - sometimes really really good and other times quite awful. If you really want Mexican food you are going to have to forgo the fancy spots. The earlier rec for Zaguan was right on - yes, it is small tables on the street and a few tables inside but excellent sea food and good margaritas. If you could stay here on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday - Michael's at the TS Gallery is fantastic - but dinner only. If we want Mexican food we pretty much eat at the stands - and there are plenty of good ones. When you come into town go to the book store and pick up a copy of El Calendario and you will find a map inside with restaurants listed. Avoid Los Fuentes, Los Adobes and the awful Tequila Sunrise across from Hotel California - all tourist ripoffs. For true local food go to Ataxcon at the corner of Militar and Hidalgo - pick up your beer first.

          1. re: Mariana in Baja

            Thanks, Mariana, this helps us lots! Looking forward to our visit.

            1. re: Mariana in Baja

              We were on a cruise shore excursion to Todos Santos and learned only at the last minute they were including lunch at Hotel California (Shame on you Crystal Cruise Lines, you should have known better).

              So we knew to ditch that "free lunch" and try something but I had not taken my list of recommended places with me and was trying to remember and unfortunately, (fortunately) we ended up at Los Adobes and loved the setting and lucky for us only ordered some beer and appetizers which were fine, though lacking in any real flavor.

              When I had to add some salt of the salsa that came with the chips, I knew this was not going to be the best dining experience but the setting was worth the culinary disappointments and anything was going to be better than Hotel California.

              We order the ceviche, which was one-note bland and the melted cheese and chorizo combo that the salted up salsa helped immensely. It turned out to be a pleasant sojourn but sorry I had not remembered some of the other recommendations.