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Apr 7, 2009 01:31 PM

Any suggestions for downtown Wilmington, NC?

We'll be heading to Wilmington this weekend, staying at a B&B in the historic area. Can anyone suggest some good places that might be within walking distance? Super high-end is, unfortunately, out, but anything and everything else is fair game. I've latched onto Catch and The Basics from reading various threads on this board. Anything else I should definitely catch?

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  1. I haven't been able to really try a lot there, or in a while, but I LOVE "The Little Dipper".
    It's a fondue restaurant, and a bit higher priced than some places, but it's actually well done, fun, and still a good price; me and two friends had a full meal (just w/o the chocolate) for about $15 each.
    It's a very fun, tasty, delightful place.

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      For downtown dining:

      Circa 1922 - Small plates and salads;
      Caprice Bistro - French bistro;
      Nikki's Gourmet - Eclectic, ultra casual, all the food is tasty;
      The George on the Riverwalk - Nice river views, good food;

      Definitely don't miss Catch.

      1. re: ToothTooth

        For a Pint or Cocktail and snack or great sandwich/ burger try one of my favorite watering holes the "Copper Penny". The food is very good, well above the quality of most Pubs.