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Cheese query/gift: aged white cheddar in black wax?

Hello... My mother-in-law requests a honkin' hunk of wisconsin aged white cheddar for her birthday :-). She's short on details, but apparently this cheddar descends from heaven to earth encased in black wax, and is sold domestically. When pressed for details, she simply verbally spells out 'white cheddar' and 'black wax' with a mixture of exasperation and desperation, as is her motherly right, I suppose... I love all cheese, but have little working knowledge as to its local procurement. Any leads on this one will earn you one days' reprieve from rodent limbo, by our New Mouse Overlords. Thanks!

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  1. Cabot of Vermont makes delicious aged white cheddar that it seals in black wax.

    I don't know about Wisconsin cheddars.


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      Hey now, thanks! That's a good start...

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        p.j. You're right about the Cabot's aged white chedder, just brought a "brick" of it from Costcos. It is sealed in black wax. It is very good!!

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          Seconded. And I've lived by Cheddar Gorge.

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          The Cabot brand in black wax is called "Private Stock" Cheddar and is aged 16 months. I just ate the last of mine today. I've also had Canadian cheddar in black wax, I think it's called Black Diamond. Both good.

        3. Amazon sells Wisconsin cheddar:


          I'm pretty sure you can buy the Boar's Head brand aged cheddar (encased in black wax) at most supermarkets i.e. Ralph's Fresh Fare, Pavilions, etc.

          Another option is the usual suspects of cheese shops like Silverlake Cheese Shop, Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, etc.

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            Excellent, and thank you, Cheese Master!

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                Bingo, that looks like a winner, champ. Thanks!!

            1. Canadian Black Diamond. Not from Wisconsin, from Canada. But sharp, excellent, and in black wax. Google it.

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                Awesome, sounds most worthy. Thanks...

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                  There is a Black Diamond which we picked up in NYC and noticed to our dismay that it was made in Wisconsin. The cheese is actually quite good but not up to the standards of the real thing (or anywhere near the standards of real Canadian "old cheese" from small producers).

                2. Since many cheddar makers seems to have a "black" aged product, I'd have fun with the request and get her a sampler of black-waxed cheddars from across the nation--Wisconsin, VT, NY...and throw in some English, Canadian and Irish to boot!
                  She may find one she enjoys even more than the Wisconsin.

                  1. Gelson's has an aged sharp Irish cheddar that fits that description. It might be Kerry Gold. They promoted it heavily last year with free tastings.

                    1. Ask her if there was a label on the top of the wax block. That would, of course, direct you to which dairy in Wisconsin made the cheese. Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company in Rudolph, Wisconsin (about 13 miles outside of Stevens Point) makes a very good aged sharp cheddar and packs it in black wax for longer-term storage. Other dairies may also do a black-wax pack. Some of the Wisconsin dairies merely repack and distribute cheese made elsewhere in the state, but this dairy makes their own. The white and yellow cheddar are the same, but the white does not have the color added. Here's the address and phone number for the dairy. They ship, but I always get my cheese when I go back home to Wisconsin. They make great cheese curds, by the way. I don't think they have a website, but they will mail a full color brochure and order form.

                      6860 State Highway 34
                      Rudolph, WI 54475

                      (715) 435-3146‎
                      (715) 435-4270‎

                      1. Another thought. . . . there are some other dairies in Wisconsin that make fantastic cheddar. Not sure which of them have black wax packed white cheddar, but they are great cheeses!! You could check with Carr Valley (www.carrvalleycheese.com), or Google "American Cheese Society Competition" and then Google some of the Wisconsin winners.

                        1. Many thanks to all, for the informed and creative suggestions. Chowhounds sure know their cheese :-)

                          1. I can also recommend Cabot. I think there is lots of cheddar in black wax out there. I would suggest that if your mother in law is a cheddar freak, skip the black wax stuff, that's child's play anyway. Call some of your high end stores and ask for the cloth bound cheddar from Cabot.

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                              Whoa! Totally different animal, there!
                              For someone whose idea of cheese heaven is Wisconsin white cheddar, Clothbound Cabot may very well be an "acquired taste". (Personally, I prefer UK clothbound cheddars to Cabot's, although I may have just gotten a poor wedge of Cabot's)

                              Cheddar was traditionally covered in black wax. There are a slew of cheddar producers in the US today who produce "black wax" varieties--most of them aged, it seems (black wax a mark of high quality).
                              In addition to Cabot, Grafton (also in VT) makes a 2 yr. old cheddar with a black wax. Shelburne Farms (VT again) also has a black wax blocks...the list goes on...I imagine the same is true in WI.

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