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Apr 7, 2009 01:05 PM

Best fois gras in HK?

Hello Chowhounders,

Friend from NY who is a fois gras freak wants to try some of the best versions in HK. It can be simple (seared, poached, etc..), elaborate or a crucial component of a plate (like Amber's bresse pigeon plate). Totally down for non-western preparations too.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Funny that you mentioned non-western preparation. Chiu Chow people have a thing for fois gras - they marinate it in that soy-ish concoction (lo shui) that features heavily in their cuisine. Some of the best Chiu Chow places in HK, imo, are: Sheung Hing and Chong Fat. Chan Kan Kee is good too, but I'd personally get take out cause the seating there is skanky enough to make me forget to taste my food...

    For western, try Monde d'Ulysse on Gage St, they're prob the closest thing to a traiteur you'd find in HK, and you can eat in - they do really simple stuff. Of course all the hi-end places will have fois gras too - personally I like Amber's more innovative takes.

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    1. re: e_ting

      Lo Shui Foie Gras - that's one to try.

      Pity that wasn't brought up earlier - would have had it when I was in HK last.

      Not familiar with Amber's offerings what do they do with it that's innovative?

      1. re: mikey8811

        Ok, Amber's is a art student turned Chef at the helm of this up scale eatery. Really nice place for a date, you won't go home alone but you might go home hungry. The plates are half of the show, the food on it sometimes a mystery to both the eye and tongue. Good wine list, a must for foie gras lovers. There are so many great up scale place you can have foie gras, I mean, even in the alley there are places that will shock you with the flavors that can only come from great foie gras. The mid level has many places so just go to any five star hotel, like the Conrad or Excelsior top floor, the view and wine and the food are all outstanding there, Amber's, on your fifth trip to HK go there, it's a show but I don't recall great food.

      2. re: e_ting

        intrigued - will do a run down to Monde D'Ulysse tomorrow!

      3. oops, by the way we've both spelt it wrong, its foie with an 'e'

        1. Caprice was serving an excellent poppy seed-crusted foie gras with white asparagus last week (was a special not sure if they have it now). They also serve the best terrine I've had in HK. My friends like their butter roasted one on the current menu but I find the sauce to be too tart. Sebastien, their sommelier, has a great sweet red cab to pair with it though.

          I remember my eyes almost bulged out of my sockets the first time I had foie gras at Amigo's a few years back. Tasted incredible but it was the size of a freakin porterhouse. They could've told me it was ostrich liver and it would've made more sense. Don't know about the quality now.

          If by any chance you're going to Macau with your pal, please order the pintade fermiere au foie gras roti. They can sub it for the red meat main if both of you are doing the tasting. They should also have it at L'Atelier HK but other than the price it's not the same and nowhere as good. Sad, I'm a big fan of the Paris and NY branches.

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          1. re: archiek

            Havn't been to Amigo's for years!!
            In my late teens, I had my first taste of foie gras there. Had the Touchon de Foie gras strasbourg au truffe. I was so green then, I didn't even realize I ordered one of the most expensive and decadent appertizers on the menu! BTW, how much are they charging for the porterhouse size foie this days?. Here in Toronto, a number of restaurants also offer roasted whole lobe of Quebec duck foie gras. About Can$120-$180 a dish!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              My cousin has lived in Amigo Mansions, which is right atop Amigo restaurant, for years - but she's NEVER eaten there! Despite being a foodie (she was the one who introduced me to Amber, Caprice, Da Domenico & L'Atelier HK, being their regular), she didn't seem to have a good impression of Amigo's food: too staid & boring apparently.

              BTW, the last time I had the Sunday champagne brunch at the 8th Floor, Conrad Hotel, Pacific Place - they had 4-5 foie gras items: pan-fried, different pates, etc. I somewhat remembered that my calorific intake that day was enough to put blubber on a walrus.

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Not sure how much they're charging now but I don't remember the prices to be staggering high like Can$180. You can get a tasting menu at a 3 star restaurant at that range. Unfortunately, their website only features a set lunch menu - no info if they still serve the dish. I'll definitely head back there for dinner when I'm in HK next month. All this liver talk has got me curious.

              2. re: archiek

                Went to Caprice today. Awful. Stay away! Don't trust the Michelin ratings. Seriously.

                1. re: cjmsheng

                  Wow!! What did you have that made you make such damning comment?!

                  You must be ' the only chowhounder' that gives it a thumbs down!!

                  2 years ago, a group of 6 local and overseas chowhounders, including myself, had a multi-course tasting menu with wine pairing there. Every one present were thoroughly impressed and enjoyed the meal immensely. Every one in that group have eaten numerous meals in Michelin 3* all over Europe, Japan and the States! So our comments are all based on experienced and NOT novice palette!

                  A couple of the chowhounders namely, Fourseasons and Peech have had repeated visits and each time posted raving reviews! The latest, a tasting menu paired with '85 Burgundies! Food, wine and service were all perfect!!

                  1. re: cjmsheng

                    Quite a few of us fellow chowhounders would like to hear what they did or did not do to upset you that much!

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Just saw this Google'ing myself. If I recall correctly, the main concern was that it makes little sense for Caprice (which seemed like a glorified hotel dining room, something along the lines of the Belvedere at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, only less classic) to get the same amount of stars as l'Ambroisie while Helene Darroze only gets two. If a city doesn't have anything worthy of three stars (not saying that HK doesn't), the best of them shouldn't get three and the rest be scaled accordingly.

                      1. re: cjmsheng

                        Interesting, I ate at Caprice last week and thought it good, Ate at Darroze in Paris a few years ago and thought it one of the worst meals ever. Each to his own - but you obviously stay in far better hotels than I do if Caprice is a "glorified hotel dining room"

                        1. re: cjmsheng

                          I don't think Michelin standardizes its ratings between different cities worldwide. I remembered dining at Alain Ducasse @ the Dorchester London a couple of years back (when it was rated 1-star in the London Michelin Guide at the time) and thought it was actually several notches above both Michael Mina @ Westin St Francis and Chez Panisse in Berkeley (both rated 2-stars in the San Francisco Michelin Guide that same year) which I dined at, all within a few months of each other.

                          1. re: klyeoh

                            I totally agree with you there, Klyeoh!
                            Just because a restaurant is a 3* based in France does not always guarantee great food that commensurate with the rating. In fact two of the 'worst' Michelin star meals I had were both 3 stars in France!! Emile Jung's Le Crocodile in Alsace and Senderen's Lucas Carton in Paris!! Food and plate presentation of the former was plain bland and simple whilst Senderen cooked up a ' pig's liver with dark chocolate sauce' that tasted so wierd and aweful, I can still remember its nastiness!!
                            Tasting menu dishes I had at Caprice were much more sophiosticated, refined and tasty!

                            1. re: Charles Yu

                              Wow, poor you, Charles - you had bad experiences at both Au Crocodile and Lucas Caton?! I was luckier, my experiences at both Au Crocodile and Lucas Caton back in the 90s were both memorable (especially Senderens' langoustines, wrapped in cabbage - I still remembered it like yesterday), and both Messr Emile Jung and Alain Senderens were very gracious & affable, coming out to meet guests and chatted with us.

                              Anyway, I remember Alain Senderens these days for his denunciation of the Michelin star-rating thang:

                  2. Hi, interesting that you guys like foie gras in HK. There is a french shop/site that specialised in french foie gras. You can find it in Sheung wan or you can order online at . They are very professional, deliver and can also advise you on which Foie Gras to choose. Hope you'll enjoy it.