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Apr 7, 2009 12:55 PM

Restaurants between Magog and Georgeville

My boyfriend and I will be renting a cottage on Lake Mempremagog in late July and were hoping to dine out one or two nights in the local vicinity. We are coming from Philadelphia so any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you!

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  1. We visited a food fair in Magog last fall and stayed at the Auberge Georgeville. Its touted as the oldest inn throughout the known universe or some such.
    They have an inhouse restaurant which is CAA-AAA rated 4 diamond.
    We ate there for a breakfast and a dinner.
    For me, it was a bit hoity-toity, but I'm not a big fan of haute cuisine. My friends thought it was fabulous.
    I will say that it certainly rates high on the romantic scale.

    1. La Table Tourigny is an excellent BYOB located north of Georgeville, about a third of the way to Magog. Reservations are advisable because it's popular and because chef Tourigny is sometimes lured away from his kitchen to cater functions in the many manses that line the lake.

      1. If you want the true Quebec goods, head to Wood's snack bar in Ayer's Cliff (20 minute drive from Magog) and get a poutine. Best poutine I've ever had. You want the 5 star goods, go to the Ripplecove Inn, also Ayer's Cliff, and open your wallet for one of the top rated restaurants in Quebec in an unbelievable lakeside setting.

        1. Cavallini Il Ristorante
          101 Du Moulin,
          Magog QC, J1X 4A1
          Tel: 819-847-2798
          1 877-747-2798
          Reservations: A must

          That restaurant is a must, what they bring to the table is not only delicious, but beautiful.
          I hope you and yours find time to go there. I have been a few times and dream of going back even today!

          1. We just returned from a weekend based in Magog, ate suppers at:

            Millies in stanstead (beebe) (possibly byob) with stanstead's mayor performing music on friday nite!

            Jardins de champetre just east of Magog (6 course terroir tasting menu & BYOB)

            Chewy Louies for lunch in sherbrooke (aka restaurant louis). (the higher end of the low end of qu├ębec cuisine)