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Apr 7, 2009 12:45 PM


Jun's, Domo and Friend's have all been frequented. Are there any gems out there I'm missing? The wine, service and atmosphere are good @Domo. I just wish the fish was as fresh and inexpensive (on mondays) as Friends. If I could marry the two, I'd be ecstatic.

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  1. Izumi Japanese Steak & Sushi on 135th Street is pretty good for both food and atmossphere, but I seem to always spend too much there.

    Haru's Steak Sushi Place in Olathe has a $9 sushi dine-in lunch special which includes soup or salad and the choice of two rolls.

    The sushi train at Sakura Japanese Restaurant in Shawnee is fun, though the place doesn't have much style.

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    1. re: KansasTravel

      The last time I went to Haru's, which was admittedly at least a year ago, for some inexplicable reason the rice was unseasoned. I've never had such bland nigiri or maki in my life! Please tell me this has changed, because I've never been back.

      Kaiyo would be my first suggestion.

      1. re: KansasTravel

        I wouldn't do Haru's again. It is marginal at best, but definitely cheap.

        I love Sushi House at Town Center Plaza. Fresh fish, quick and attentive service. If you like rolls I recommend the Tropical roll. I've always enjoyed their sushi and their sashimi. I've never had a bad meal there.

      2. Kaiyo is my favorite for consistently good sushi.
        4308 West 119th Street
        Leawood, KS 66209

        Edo is very hot and cold. My 1st meal there was incredible.
        The 2nd meal was horrible. Funny thing is that I ordered
        the exact same dish. You can't serve frozen fish.
        87th and Quivira

        Ichiban is also hot and cold. Very warm and pleasant
        people, but the quality can vary greatly.

        1. I called Kaiyo last night and they're one of those places that close if they're not busy, so I'll have to try again.

          1. I like Domo (food, atmosphere) but I've always had really bad service (third time,and now I'm done). maybe would consider getting it to "go" but not staying again.

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            1. re: stellamystar

              There's one woman who is good and really friendly. I think she's been there from the beginning. We keep going to Friends on mondays. It's so inexpensive that we have to live w/the service. It's that kinda joint. I'm assuming they know this and don't care. It just happens to be a pet peeve of mine when places refuse to finish service at closing time (no more menu items, desserts, drinks-we're closed even though you're spending like a drunken sailor and we only seated you 30 min ago). Whatever. I remember seating people up to 15 minutes after close w/the full intention of giving them the service they deserve. I was there for two more hours, but that's how you make $. In KC these days, you have to be @your destination by 7:30 or 8:00 or forget about it. There's no such thing as dinner after the theater, symphony, etc. Now I'm getting all crazy. I have to stop.

              1. re: inbiz

                I've never been been to Friends on Monday for their special, is it a pretty limited menu? I agree with you about their service. The last two times we've gone for lunch it has taken an hour and half and there was only 2 other tables of 2 in the restaurant. I haven't gone back in nearly a year because it was so irritating.

                1. re: pollymerase

                  It's (hold onto your hat) 1/2 price sushi on monday and slammed. That's why we try to go a little later, but not too late because you can't have a full meal unless you order everything @once.

                  1. re: inbiz

                    We like the sushi on Mondays ok, but the lunch bentos are really bad. They should certainly up the ante on the service, at lunch and dinner.

                    1. re: inbiz

                      Right, but is it the entire menu that is 1/2 price or just certain items like the Nara happy hour?

                      1. re: pollymerase

                        Not all menu items. I think maybe all the sushi is half price and some of the rolls are only $4. How's the quality @Nara? I ate there a couple of times in the beginning and it never stuck. I know they've gone through several chefs. Even if the food is good, I remember the scene and I don't know if I could stomach it w/food again.

              2. Kato on Barry Road just east of I-29. Many great sushi experiences there. Definitely belly up to the bar, and talk to the person making your sushi!

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                1. re: topchef29

                  My friend, who's a die hard Jun's fan, and I tried Kaiyo last night. The quality of nigiri and rolls were good. The service was fine and they had some wine selections that weren't bad. It's just too expensive, comparatively. My friend sez Kato is decent and she knows her sushi. I'll have to try that next.

                  1. re: inbiz

                    Not KCMO - in JOCO -
                    but - I recently discovered some good sushi in Lenexa at a place called Edokko at pflumm & 87th. It's not all that far from Sakura of the sushi train and is far far better - actually, there's no comparison. It wasn't particularly cheap or expensive, sort of middle $$. I was very favorably impressed. I've been back and it was good that time too. (Sakura = cheap, arguably the train is fun, but due to sad experience I don't recommend eating anything there that isn't cooked, like fish for example)

                    1. re: Teague

                      Teague--would you mind telling us what you had at Edokko? I've only been once, and thought the rice was a little underseasoned, the fish was good but not great. I have to add that this was on either a Monday or Tuesday, can't remember which, but not the best days to eat sushi in the midwest. I imagine most resties here can't afford to bring many items in more than one or two days a week. I'm planning to go again on a weekend night, and would love to hear what rolls or nigiri stood out for you.

                      1. re: amyzan

                        I made a post titled "Edokko" re what I liked when I first found it. I thought the mackerel was particularly good and was overall very impressed with the freshness of the fish. I went on a Friday both times though and I expect the fish came in on Thurs. or Fri Also thought they did a good job with the eel, but then I just like eel in just about any variation.