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Apr 7, 2009 12:24 PM

Barbarella on Hyperion

This is a really comfortable space with a great beer list. The cocktail list is also nice but I've now had 2 drinks there (not today!) on 2 visits and found both to be cloyingly sweet. I don't mean a bit too much simple syrup but sweet to the point that all other flavors (mint, cucumber, lime whatever) are completely obliterated. I was psyched to see a new bar open so close to my apartment but I wish they'd back off on the sugar and let the other ingredients speak for themselves! Does anyone know a place for good cocktails in Silverlake?

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  1. How about Little Dom's? Also, Edendale Grill. Food at Edendale is not good...but cocktails are. Cliff's Edge?

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      I second The Edendale for an excellent cocktail - great mojitos and martinis. The Cha Cha has a surprisingly good margarita as well.

    2. I had the pear martini and I enjoyed it. The peach martini however was yes, way too sweet. I did like their food a lot though, and enjoyed the atmosphere.