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Apr 7, 2009 12:03 PM

Escondido. inexpensive good sushi, italian, and other healthy dinner?

I'm going to be working in Escondido for few weeks, near 78 and 15. Will be working long hours so really don't want to drive too far for dinner. Any recs for good but not too expensive sushi, healthy eats and any other local favs. Tanks Doilinks.

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  1. I am not eating that often in Escondido but two restaurant that are not bad: Joe's Italian Dinner (not authentic Italian but quite good for americanized Italian) and Chicken Plus Greek Cuisine (again not authetic Greek but quite good).

    1. I would go to:

      La Cocina De Maria

      El Tejate/ Fiesta Oaxaquena

      Tamales Ancira

      Escondido Swapmeet

      New Vallarta Supermarket

      Panaderia Ortiz

      Holiday Wine Sellers

      1. Major Market on Center City has a great deli. Agrusa's subs at Valley and Rose across from Walgreens is awesome. Their bread is made in-house, and their subs aren't overly salty like chain sub-marts. Definitely go to the swapmeet and Panaderia Oritz. There's a Farmer's Market that meets on Tuesday afternoons on Grand that has some of the best food around. There's an Egyptian couple that sells Greet-type food, a crepe maker, a couple mexican places, a tamale booth, and several other ready to eat foods, in addition to some excellent local produce.

        1. For Vietnamese/Chinese:
          Pho Saigon Express - 78 East, exit S. on Broadway and it's on the right hand side at Broadway and Washington in a shopping mall. Yummy fried tofu and of course, slurpy noodles!

          For healthy, non-preservative food:
          Fresh 'N Easy - Again... take 78 East until you see Ash St. and exit South. Drive past Washington St. and you'll see it on your right hand side BEFORE you get to East Valley Parkway. LOVE their gelato and sandwiches are well....Fresh!

          Good luck.