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Apr 7, 2009 11:59 AM

Best BBQ in Atlanta?

I probably should know better than asking this question, but I'm coming to Atlanta next week for a few days and have about two meals I can eat at any BBQ joint and I'm looking for recommendations.

Is there a "best" BBQ in Atlanta? Two recommendations please.

A little background: I enjoy food quite a bit and travel internationally to judge coffee competitions and have recently been certified by the Kansas City BBQ Society to judge their sanctioned competitions. While I'm very open to eating at KC Style or Texas Style BBQ joints, what I'm really interested in are the styles of BBQ in Atlanta that I won't find elsewhere. Is there an "Atlanta" or "Georgia" style of BBQ? If so, who's offering a great version?


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  1. There is no best BBQ anywhere in the world.

    All of it is regional and all people have specific nuances they like or dislike.

    With that said, try out Fox Bros. BBQ and Sam & Dave's. Others might mention Harold's, Daddy D'z and those are both valid choices as well. Harold's is has quite a bit of BBQ as well as political history associated with it.

    1. Brunswick Stew is a regional barbecue specialty of Georgia.

      Look here:

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        Thanks guys for the recommendations.

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          For Brunswick Stew, the classic place is Harolds. It's just that the BBQ itself, isn't that great. I always have a bowl of stew and a side of cornbread at Harolds (these are the specialties). My wife has discovered the "stew dog", which is a pretty good hot dog smothered in the stew.

          Fox Brothers is probably the best bbq in the city of Atlanta right now, even though the place itself is real new. My experience is that the q is good, and the sides are generally superb.

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            Fox Bros. isn't new - in fact it's far from it. They sold exclusively at Smith's Olde Bar for years...

            The only thing new about it is the fact that they have opened up their own, stand-alone restaurant now.

      2. Atlanta / GA doesn't really have an indigenous cue. Lots of places here advertise "NC BBQ" but I have yet to find one that comes close to the real thing. Fat Matt's Ribs (Piedmont Rd) has pretty good ribs. Dusty's (Clifton Rd near Emory) has pretty decent pulled pork. Brick Pit BBQ (Peachtree Industrial Blvd near Brookhaven) has good pulled pork and Brunswick stew is okay too. Have lived here 10 years and haven't found anything that rivals Bullock's yet

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          Dusty's is gone and has been for about 9 months.

          As for the OP, in addition to the previously mentioned locales, there is Bobby and June's Biscuits and BBQ on 14th St. near Tech. Like Harold's it has been around forever.


        2. My vote for best bbq in metro Atlanta goes to Sam & Dave's BBQ 1 on Lower Roswell Road in east Cobb County - just east of Johnson Ferry Road. The sides are all made in house - the meats are consistently very good - brisket, pork, chicken, ribs are among the best in the area.

          1. At Harlold's I like the Stew Slaw Dog, it is very good.
            Fox Bros is really great.
            Spiced Right in Roswell and Lilburn is hit or miss, but when they hit their ribs are the best.
            Pig n Chick has great pulled pork and chicken.
            So, good luck in your search!