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Apr 7, 2009 11:31 AM

Dessert Bar for wedding- need bakery that can do it!

I am getting married in June and am saying "no thanks" to a big, expensive wedding cake that no one will eat, and "hell yes" to a dessert bar with mini cakes, mini pies, cookies, tarts, and chocolates instead. Our reception is at a private club, and they are upcharging ($7 per person!) to do this for us... I'd rather use a bakery, but cannot for the life of me find a bakery that makes "mini" anything. Whole Foods DOES make what I want- but I cannot even tell you what a nightmare they have (sadly) been to work with, and trust me- I am nice, accommodating, and easy. The catering manager told me that the bakery "is inconsistant and hard to work with," but asked me to come back after Easter/Passover. No thanks! Does ANYONE have any ideas about a bakery or a caterer who can do a dessert bar for a wedding!? Thanks! :)

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  1. I'd give Buzz Bakery a call for the baked goods.

    Not sure if they do chocolates, but if they don't, there are some very amazing chocolatiers in the DC area.

    PS.....I think the upcharge is quite reasonable, so I wouldn't sweat it! After all, the silver, plates, service etc. still needs to be compensated for.

    Best of luck and congrats!!

    1. Check out ACKC on 14th and Church and their sister place in Old Town, Kingsbury Chocolates - they have amazing truffles, hot chocolates and I'm sure they do cakes and tortes as well...

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        AKKC actually gets some of their baked goods from Buzz. Buzz does do chocolates.

      2. Where are you? We did exactly what you are describing with a bunch of Maryland-based desserts. It was a big hit.

        Up here in Baltimore, we bought berger cookies from the Lexington Market, pignoli's from Vaccaro's and alot of stuff from Woodlea Bakery and Goll's bakery in Havre de Grace.

        1. Wegmans might be able to do it.

          That's a big upcharge, so Wegmans might be a good way to balance it out and their yummies have always been yummy.

          1. Amphora does catering. The delivery fee is really reasonable.

            Amphora Restaurant
            377 Maple Avenue West, Vienna, VA