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Apr 7, 2009 11:19 AM

Need Italian food/catering for a bridal shower - suggestions?

I'm planning a bridal shower for about 30 people and am looking for an Italian restaurant or catering service that would be able to provide brunch/lunch food. Any suggestions? The shower will be in Brookline so someplace fairly close to there would be best but I'll be coming from the north so I could stop in the North End to pick up food if I needed to.


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  1. Haven't used them for catering myself, and it's not fancy fare, but Bob's Foods in Medford is a favorite stop for us. I've seen their catering menu, and it might do for a brunch/lunch....

    1. Can't go wrong with Bob's. There is also Spinelli's in E. Boston. I think Bob's is better though.

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        From time to time, we use Spinelli's for large(40+) work lunches & have been satisfied with them. Haven't tried Bob's tho'.

      2. I have used Bob's and it is OK I prefer La Molisana, they are new to Kendall Square, but have been in the restaurant business for years-plus they have handmade fresh pasta. I have used them for catered events for work and been very happy and they deliver for free!