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White asparagus | where to buy local in San Francisco

With the white asparugus season approaching,
I am wondering if anyone has spotted any local white spears for sale anywhere.

I know some grocery stores carry white asparagus (mostly from Peru) all year round,
but the flavor facotr can be hit or miss ...

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  1. I don't think it's grown locally. There's not much of a culture of blanching vegetables here.

    Berkeley Bowl brings it in from Belgium or Germany in season.

    1. Zuckerman Farms sometimes has a white asparagus. I would call or email them and ask.

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      1. Sigona's Market in Redwood City and Palo Alto have white asparagus. I'm not sure where it comes from--probably Belgium or Germany-- but it's fresh and tasty.

        1. Don't know whether they were local, but I saw white asparagus at Tower Market (Mollie Stone's) at Portola and Teresita.

          Mollie Stone Tower Market
          635 Portola Dr, San Francisco, CA 94127

          1. The Sandra Jordan Collection is growing white asparagus in Russian River Valley, but I can't tell you where to buy it in the City of San Francisco.

            1. I saw some at today safeway for $2.99 lb. Didn't look at the label so I'm not sure where it's from.

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                the online newspaper ad says locally grown

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                  Just saw it at Safeway tonight, it is from Peru.

                2. It's hard to find white asaparagus fresh. Every supermarket have it..it's sold in a can. What areyou planning to make. Because if it is for soup. Can Asparagus is the best

                  1. I know that many local restaurants have been getting it from Fairview Gardens, just north of Santa Barbara. Not exactly local but not Peruvian either, and it's excellent organically grown produce. In season they bring it up every week and also show up at the Ferry Plaza farmer's market. I never see them bring the white asparagus to the market though, I assume they sell it all to their restaurant clients and just bring whatever other produce they can to the market later. Worth asking them if they could set some aside maybe.

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                      They haven't been at Ferry Plaza for a couple of years. Yes, all their produce was wonderful.

                    2. I really thought I saw it this time last year at the Civic Center market. No idea where it was from.