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Apr 7, 2009 11:11 AM

Kosher for Passover- Philadelphia

Might be in Philly next Sunday. Any of the kosher restaurants open for Pesach? Thanks!

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  1. Two places you might try: Zahav in Society Hill section, I've heard they are serving a prix fixe menu through Pesach. Max and David's is another wonderful place, just outside the city in Elkins Park, but I'm not sure about Pesach.

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      Zahav is excellent, and has a passover menu, but is not kosher.

      M&D is closed for passover.

      Other options in the city are Mama's Falafel and Maccabeam. I don't know if either are open for passover. I remember that mama's closed to passover last year. Maccabeam, I have no idea.